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Get Your Free Radio Book Worth $60

Radio Heritage
June 22 2012

Sharing Good Stories …. and Thank You……..
31 ways you can help out this week!
We’ve reached 53% of budget for this Quarter.

Sponsor a feature and get the ‘Australian
Radio History’ book for free – Worth $60

Sponsor any feature for $50 – Save $50

You’ve all continued to support our work to keep radio memories safe and sound over recent years, and I’d like to share some good stories with you about how this support makes a real difference.

Some years ago we featured a romantic story about a US Navy man and his Samoan island sweetheart [WVUV Radio Romance] and last year Homer went back to American Samoa for a visit.

Not only did the staff of today’s WVUV welcome him back on the air, but a TV crew captured the whole story and aired the documentary recently. This all came about because a researcher found our story, and through us made contact with Homer and his family and WVUV.

Without the support of many people, we could not have kept this project afloat for almost 8 years so that Homer could share his story, and the researcher find it, and the rest, as we say around here, is history!

Like us all, radio is getting older, and so we’re starting to see more radio station anniversaries. Along the way, many stations have thrown out so many cupboards full of stuff that the cupboard is now bare when it comes to finding old memorabilia.

Luckily, many of you as listeners or broadcasters, have squirrelled away all sorts of stuff, and we’ve been able to help staff reunionsat a growing number of radio stations with images of long lost  station logos, photos and other memorabilia.

Thank you for keeping stuff, and sharing it with us, along with your personal stories. That makes us special amongst archive projects, because you share memories with us and our thousands of monthly readers.

Almost 300 features and thousands of images keep history safe

It’s so easy to throw away our heritage, our memories and our culture. But, again with your help, you’ll find approaching 300 features and thousands of images freely available for community use at

They’re there, with hundreds more features waiting, because of your continuing good wishes [which helps us a lot when the enormity of our task threatens to swamp us], contributions of memorabilia and memories, and your kindness in helping us meet some of our operational costs.

Thanks for doing your bit to help this co-operative global project.

More visitors, staying longer, and coming back

For the 12 months ended March 31 2012, visits to were up 11%, page views up 20% and time spent on the site was up 34%.

You came from Australia, USA, New Zealand, UK and India and over 180 other countries around the world, and you enjoyed features such as the Australia Radio Guide, KMTH Midway, New Zealand Low Power FM Guide, PAL Radio Guide, European Radio History, NZ Radio Dial 1978, KSBK Ryukyu Islands, Early Radio in India…and the list continues…………..

Every week, 75% of visitors to the website were new friends, and 25% of you kept coming back to explore more.

If you haven’t been back for a little while, come and see Feature Station 2YD Wellington, 2ZB Wellington Ambush, Art of Amateur Radio Japan, Amateur Radio Gallery, Australian Radio 1922-2012, Listening with Lizzie [60 years of Queen Elizabeth and Commonwealth Radio], ZL6RWC Rugby World Cup Radio, 4IP Ipswich, 2QN Deniliquin, and 2MW Murwillumbah… some of our recent additions.

Radio Heritage Supporters like you make it all possible, yet
……we learned of 2000 valuable tapes destroyed this month

None of this would have happened without volunteers such as our webmaster, the people who help keep our radio guides accurate, people like you who have sent in stories, memories, photos, tapes, airchecks, and those who donated enough money for us to cover 44% of our operational costs last year.

For the first quarter of this financial year [April 1- June 30] we’re at 53% of our budget…..can you please help us fully reach our budget over the next two weeks so we can continue this project as even more memories fade, another generation of broadcasters from the 1930’s grows silent, and more memorabilia is in danger of loss forever.

Just this month we learned of boxes of over 2000 tapes and air checks being dumped along with thousands of items of radio station memorabilia…. lost forever…. and it continues a race against time to save our radio heritage.

Donate this month and we’ll say thanks at and also send a very special personal thank you………….

$250, $100 and $50 packages available until June 30 31 ways you can help Radio Heritage right now……

-$250 Associate package of the signed book ‘Never a Dull Moment’ by Keith Richardson [now out of print], the CD ‘A Colorful Career’ also by Keith, the signed book ‘Australian Radio History’, the CD 1XX 40 Years of Independent Radio and the 45rpm record ‘Voices in the Air’ … this is a fantastic package of Australian and New Zealand radio heritage in words, images and sounds.

[There is only one of these packages available on a first in first served basis. Otherwise, you’ll receive two of our $100 Sponsor packages plus you’ll be registered as the sponsor of our choice of any of the nearly 300 features currently at value $100]

-$100 Sponsor packages [15 available] will include our mixture from amongst the following radio memorabilia: signed copies of ‘Australian Radio History’, ‘Shoestring Pirates’ [story of pirate Radio Hauraki], copies of ‘Voices in the Air’ [New Zealand radio history], the CD ‘Fresh Pacific Voices’ [pirate Radio Hauraki], ZB The Story of a Radio Station, CD ‘Classic Australian Radio Serials’, Radio Hauraki 40th anniversary party souvenir,’Aunt Gwen of 2YA’ and each package has two or three items and includes mailing worldwide.

-$100 Sponsor packages [15 available] includes a signed copy of the book ‘Australian Radio History’ plus you’ll be registered as the sponsor of our choice of any of the nearly 300 features currently at [value $100] which means you get the book for free.

-$50 Contributing package [unlimited] registers you as the sponsor of our choice of any of the nearly 300 features currently online [Save $50] showing that your support is making the feature possible for others to enjoy.

US$ or $Australian via our Paypal donation button. Donations from New Zealand supporters are usually entitled to a 33% tax refund and a tax receipt will be issued.

As a registered non-profit organization we rely entirely on supporter donations like yours to meet our weekly operational budget of $390 covering share of expenses for office space, storage, power, internet and communications costs, software purchase, office supplies, local travel to collect and protect memorabilia, book and memorabilia purchases for our research library and storage boxes and folders.

Thanks to you for sharing photos of old Okinawa, Canton Island, Australian, USA and New Zealand radio personalities, helping update the thousands of entries in our radio guides, sending us thousands of QSL cards [by the box load] to archive, packages of tapes, car stickers, donating books and magazines.. and for your patience as we bring additional volunteers aboard to help us prepare our new interactive website [the software is installed and undergoing initial testing!]…………

Thank you on behalf of all of us here
Dave Ricquish
Radio Heritage

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******* Listen to our two latest radio heritage documentaries on Urban Pacific Radio in Suva [Fiji] and Noumea [New Caledonia] in the Mailbox program of Radio New Zealand International and available to listen on line at from June 25 **********

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