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Radio Heritage July $6.25 Fundraiser

Radio Heritage Foundation
July 24 2012

Hi there

Thanks so much for supporting us, we’re really happy that you found us and that nearly 50,000 of you have visited us in recent months.

Your donations made recently have helped us reach 77% of the April-June quarterly funding target to meet our operational costs.
Thanks everyone!

Thanks to generous supporters like Nicholas Kitto in Hong Kong for going the extra mile and also sponsoring several of our almost 300 features. You can do this too for a donation of $50 this month…. and with more features added this week you’ve plenty to choose from!

You’ll enjoy these new features and the updated radio guides at this month, and soon you’ll enjoy the benefits of our new content system where we can offer much more.

Currently, we’ve got until Tuesday July 31 to find $1,262.91 to meet the remaining bills for our operational costs* for this month… we need your help and here’s the idea………………..

Would you be willing to donate $6.25 before Tuesday, July 31….that’s about two nice cups of coffee…using the donation button at

It will take just 1% of you who who have visited us to do this and help us cover our bills, and you’ll be true blue champions!

In return, and right now, we’ll share two more tried and trusted recipes from the original 1930’s Aunt Daisy’s Radio Cookery Book that will make your $6.25 donation much easier to digest…………..

#1 ANZAC Biscuits**

You’ll need: butter [1/4 lb], Golden Syrup [or pale treacle/white corn syrup/maple syrup/golden sugar-beet syrup] 1 tablespoon, baking soda 1 teaspoon, sugar [1 cup], coconut [1 cup], wheatmeal [1 cup], chopped walnuts [1 cup], flour [3/4 cup]

First, choose your favorite radio station to keep you company! Then, melt the butter with the Golden Syrup. Add the baking soda which has been dissolved in 2 tablespoons of boiling water. Add all the other ingredients. Take small teaspoons of the mixture and roll into small balls. Place these on a cold oven sheet, leaving space for them to expand. Cook for 30 minutes in a slow oven. Enjoy!

#2 Prune Whip

You’ll need: hot prune juice [3/4 cup], cooled prune pulp [1/2 cup], gelatine [1 tablespoon], egg whites [2], cold water [1/4 cup], lemon juice [2 tablespoons], sugar [1/2 cup], chopped nuts [1/4 cup].

First, keep listening to your favorite radio station. Then, pour the cold water onto the gelatine, sugar and a pinch of salt, add the hot prune juice and stir until it’s dissolved. Then, add the prune pulp, the lemon juice and the chopped nuts and leave aside to cool. When the mixture starts to thicken, stiffly beat the egg whites and add them, stir them in put into a wetted mould or dish and set aside to cool. When set firm, turn out the prune whip and served with fresh or whipped cream. Enjoy!

Well, we’ve kept our word and again given you two inexpensive, healthy and tasty recipes with yummy golden syrup and prunes and…

……. if you donate $6.25 to us before July 31 we’ll thank you for being true blue and send you two more fantastic recipes from Aunt Daisy’s Radio Cookery Book as a special thank you!

Our almost 300 features, 1,650+ pages, 1000+ images and various radio guides are looked after by unpaid volunteers here at the Radio Heritage Foundation, we’re a registered non-profit organization that looks after radio memories, memorabilia and heritage from around the Pacific.

To donate $6.25 today, please just visit and use the simple donation button there…. and why not check out many new features whilst you’re there…. we’ll then send you two more recipes as a special thanks!

Happy ANZAC biscuits** and prune whip eating!

Radio Heritage Foundation
A registered non-profit organization.
We get no funding from the radio industry or any government agency.

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* Operational costs are just over $400 a week and a copy of our 2011-2012 FY Annual Report ended March 31 2012 is available on request. Our volunteers are all unpaid.
** ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps and thesebiscuits were favorites of Australian and NZ soldiers in World War I,  almost a hundred years ago and before the time of radio. They are traditional cookies in both countries.

*******Donate $6.25 before July 31 and enjoy two more of Aunt Daisy’s Radio Cookery Book recipes as a special thank you*********

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