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Keep Our Radio Memories Alive & Win!

Radio Heritage Foundation
September 5 2012

US$240 in gifts available to donors
September 1 – November 30
Read on to find out how to win!

Hi there

Did you know that the Radio Heritage Foundation keeps radio memories safe for Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific and Asia! We also look after various radio guides you may have recently used. We’re a busy bunch of volunteers!

We’re also kept busy with amateur radio history [many thousands of QSL cards to catalog], vintage radio, US Armed Forces Radio history and many other aspects of broadcasting across the entire region including the Americas. We also have a wonderful collection of European radio features including rare audio and images.

Sharing a Success Story #3

I’d like to share a remarkable story about how people like you help keep these memories alive. Back in the early 1950’s, tiny Canton Island in the central Pacific was a refuelling stop for trans-Pacific flights. US vice-president Richard Nixon spent about 90 minutes there en route to Australia and New Zealand in 1953.

Fred Carpenter at local radio KIBS scored a coup by interviewing Nixon and Mrs Nixon. The tapes were lost for almost 60 years, recently discovered and recordings sent to us.  It’s a remarkable tape with a very relaxed Mr Nixon chatting about his coming trip to the Pacific and Asia.

We’ve got the full interview for you, heard for the first time outside Canton Island in almost 60 years, in a special radio show on Radio New Zealand International, their Mailbox program broadcast on October 15. Later, it’ll be released as a feature on our website and broadcast via WRMI Miami on the Wavescan program.

Without the kindness of Fred’s son, these tapes would have been lost forever and we know many of you also have memories, tapes and items about stations, personalities and events. We know, because we get them all the time!

It’s marvellous to keep these memories safe, in fact it’s a privilege to do so, and we’re happy so many thousands of you find our website and find things of interest.

Our radio guides are very popular, and we spend a lot of time keeping these updated, tracking down new stations and keeping them up to date.

We’re all volunteers, and can find different ways to help. Right now, the biggest way you can help is by making a donation towards our regular operational costs of just over US$400 a week. These are the bills we have to pay others just to be here!

Our August shortfall was US$1,440.42

August was mid-winter or mid-summer and we reached only 21% of our needed budget. Now that spring has sprung and fall is calling, please help us make up the shortfall of US$1,440.42 within the next few days with your [currently NZ residents only] tax deductible donation.

Did you know we also have thousands of Asia-Pacific radio stations in our popular PAL Radio Guide? We’ve just updated the new digital DAB radio stations in the Australian Radio Guide. We also add around 150 new stations each year to the Kiwi Low Power FM Radio Guide! And have  almost 300 features about Asia-Pacific radio stations and personalities for you to enjoy for free?

Your US$6.25 will help us a lot this month!

Are you willing to donate US$6.25 in the next few days?…that’s about two nice cups of coffee…using the donation button at

A Very Special US$240+ Thank You

All donations received between September 1 and November 30 go into the draw to win one of these great gifts, almost US$240+ worth of great reading in total:

*1 Radio Hauraki book ‘Shoestring Pirates’ signed by the author and ‘Fresh Pacific Wind’ a marvellous audio CD with great moments of pirate radio
*2 Broadcasting on the Shortwaves 1945 to Today by Jerry Berg is a masterpiece of radio history taking you inside the global world of radio as an era fades away and these stations go silent
*3 Australian Radio History, the new fully revised and updated version, signed by the author, and with the story behind 600 radio stations that are familiar to generations of Aussie listeners.

Enjoy our free community access features

Please continue to enjoy the hundreds of features, images and much more at and look out for more new features added regularly.

It’s only through public donations that we can continue being here to keep the memories safe, as we get no funding from the radio industry or the government, so that makes your US$6.25 so important to us.

Thanks so much for helping us keep the radio memories alive.