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Wanted: Your Radio Memories

February 24 2013

You’re invited!

My Radio Memories


The Radio Heritage Foundation invites you and your friends, family and colleagues, listeners or readers, to share a short memory about radio in your life with us.

This could be as simple as a few sentences about working in radio, listening to the old radio in the lounge or kitchen or on the farm, or to a transistor or walkman, a favorite broadcaster or song you heard on the radio, an event, a place, or time when something to do  with radio stuck in your memory.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. All memories are equal! All memories are precious.

Send your memory via email to or write to My Radio Memories, Radio Heritage Foundation, PO Box 20024, Newtown, Wellington 6242 New Zealand. Even on a postcard is fine!

We will publish them on line at our new website, and if anyone has enough to fill a 500 word feature, we’ll publish it as a column…. so if you’ve always wanted to be a writer, dig into the memories over the coming weeks, then share them with us.

You might find ideas from visiting and reading the following features:

* Australian Radio Dial 1931
* A Tale of Three Cities
* Undercover Radio
* Blue Hawaii Radio 1961
* Listening with Lizzie
* any of the Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series
* Californian Radio Dial 1928
* NZ Radio Dial 1978
* any of the hundreds of other features

We’re currently planning a new series looking at radio in 1988 which has more recent stations in many places, including FM, so if most of the stuff you see is a bit old, don’t worry. No matter how young you are, your memories are very welcome!

We’re working on some nice prizes for the stories we like the most. So think of some radio memories and share them with us.

This invitation is open until May 31 2013.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered non-profit and we file annual financial and other reports with our regulator. We’re run by volunteers and we’d very much like to hear your Radio Memories.

We also welcome new volunteers, living anywhere in the world ……. ………in fact anywhere……….. so contact us by email if you want to get involved.

Why not texts? Because we’re not set up to get them, and because most people who visit the project need to see full words. We have about 75,000 visitors expected this year alone, and from over 100 countries around the world, not all of whom speak English.

How much time involved? You tell us how long you want to be involved for. A few hours? OK A project lasting a few months part time from home? Got some ideas yourself? Good. Want to see more interesting stuff? Please tell us! We’re all volunteers.

Thank you.

My Radio Memories
Radio Heritage Foundation
The Co-operative Global Radio Memories Project

PS.. our new competition starts soon so why not stop by the Radio Heritage Foundation Facebook page and like us, we’ll be glad to meet you.

You’ll also find our daily brainteasers there to enjoy!