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Third Report FM Listenings from ALBUFEIRA in Algarve

Hallo Tudo Bem Tudo Bom !
Yesterday saturday it rained in the early morning and remained cloudy, naturally no FM conditions ! hi !
Today sunday we got again the Sunny …and propagation went to Andalucia to East and soon to SOUTH till Gibraltar & Tanger areas.
So almost every day it changes…. I wonder in June how it was the receptions ….with also Esporadics ??
Here the new entries and some corrections :

MHz  ITU  Station Transmitter Details

87.7 P    delete ANTENA 1 listening
88.3 MRC  MED RADIO  Fes //88.2
88.4 E    RNE R.1 Almonastir La Real Sevilla
88.7 MRC  SNRT RADIO KURAN Tanger strong midday sunday
90.2 E    CADENA DIAL Campo de Gibraltar Cadiz
90.5 P    RADIO GUADIANA Vila Real de Santo Antonio Algarve
90.6 E    CANAL FIESTA RADIO Cerro Verdugo Cadiz
91.1 MRC  MEDINA RADIO  Tanger  good after midday sunday
91.4 E    CANAL SUR RADIO Rota de Cadiz
92.0 E    UNID PIRATA Andalucia no stop buum buum sounds
92.5 E    AMANECER RADIO La Algaba Sevilla

92.6 GBC  GBC RADIO GIBRALTAR !!!!! in // 1458 kHz real surprise around midday Interferences from RNE R.2

92.8 E    ONDA RADIO CADIZ  Cadiz
93.1 MRC  RADIO 2 M Casablanca
93.2 MRC  RADIO 2 M correct TX Goodmim
94.7 E    COPE Campo de Gibraltar Cadiz
94.9 P    delete RADIO COMERCIAL probably a spurius signal
95.1 E    LOS 40 Arcos de la Frontera Cadiz
96.4 MRC  HIT FM Tanger correct frequency not on 96.3 sorry
97.0 E    EXITO RADIO probably Cadiz area (reading of future)
97.9 MRC  CHADA FM Settat/Regraga
97.9 MRC  SAWA  Fes 
98.5 MRC  CHADA FM //94.3 Essaoura/Jebel El Hidad sunday afternoon more Moroc signals till Casablanca.
99.0 E    CANAL SUR RADIO Jerez
100.0 E   RADIO ROMANTICA Huelva
100.2 E   RADIO MUNICIPAL CAMPO DE GIBRALTAR Tentative news of fishermen protests against Gibraltar
100.5 MRC M FM SAISS  Rabat
100.8 MRC CHADA FM Casablanca
101.5 MRC RADIO SAWA Casablanca
102.1 MRC RADIO MARS not listed
102.3 MRC RADIO ASWAT Tanger
104.1 E   KISS FM  Algeciras Serra de la Luna
105.3 E   FORMULA 30 Huelva
105.4 MRC CAP RADIO Tanger
105.5 E   CADENA 100 Sevilla in the sunday morning
105.9 MRC RADIO ASWAT  Tetouan
107.2 E   RADIO UNION Los Palacios Sevilla
107.3 E   RADIO ONDA DONANA Almonte Huelva
107.5 E   RADIO LAS CABEZAS Las Cabezas de San Juan partido Cabecense – Mairena Deportivo

Yes the Algarve is surely a great place to do FM DXing for MW DXing you need surely more than a DEGEN 1103.

Tomorrow morning I will start my back travel with Bus line ERA from Albufeira to Lisbon and after by TAP flight to Milan.

From tuesday I will be again operative from my home …. if my PC will works thanks GOD !


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