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KVOH, Voice of Peace, Los Angeles re-launched on November 1st, and for the past 5 weeks has been broadcasting during North American evening hours on 9975 kHz, from 0200-0500 UTC.

On Sunday 8th December, KVOH will also be running a test on 17775 kHz, from 1400-1700 UTC.  The programming will be a repeat of our Saturday night programs on 9975 kHz.  The first two hours will be in Spanish, and the third hour, from 1600-1700, will be our jazz and swing show in English.

KVOH previously tested its 16 meter band transmitter back in July and August; this test is designed to gauge the effectiveness of 16 meter band winter propagation to our Central America & Caribbean target area, during the pre-dawn and early daylight hours at our transmitter site.  If you happen to be able to tune the 16 meter band at that time, reception reports would be appreciated to, or by mail to KVOH, P.O. Box 102, Los Angeles, CA 90078, USA.

Ray Robinson
KVOH – Voice of Hope
Los Angeles

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