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ELWA 4760 reactivated

4760   ELWA   Surprised to find a signal here with M preaching with the mic positioned in the back of the room at 0704 t/in.  At 0705 preaching ended and the studio M came on in Afro-accented English and mentioned “beautiful celebration”, and then at 0708:40 was shocked to hear ELWA IDs clearly and somewhat slowly!!  Then went into Hi-life music.  0714 M returned w/more ments of “celebrate” and “celebration”, “broadcast”.  0718 into choral singing w/M tlk voice-over saying “hallelujah”, and M pgm host came on at 0721. 0726-0731 “Oh Holy Night” by W.  0732:05 ID.  Ment of Liberia during tlk by M at 0741.  Was gradually and slowly fading but really took a nosedive between 0741-0751.  Was still barely able to hear Afro singing at 0752.  Barely visible in the display at 0800.  Very surprised and glad to see them back.  e-QSL already received from Moses Nyantee who says they are testing 5:30-10:00 AM and 5:00-10:00 PM Liberia time.  Will start regular broadcasts on 1 January.  (21 Dec.)
Dave Valko
Dunlo, PA, USA
Perseus SDR
Wellbrook ALA1530S+, and 153′ vertical triangular Delta Loop
( via Hard-Core-DX mailing list)
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