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New Retro Radio Dial Series 1953

December 29 2013DX Clubs, editors, radio media

New Retro Radio Dial Series 1953

Several new features of interest to radio history fans are coming soon to home of The Global Radio Memories Project.

Examining the radio dials in 1953, each feature details the broadcasters on the air 60 years ago giving old timers an opportunity for memories, and offering a special insight into how radio has developed in each location when compared with the broadcasters of today.

The new features to be released shortly cover South East Asia, South Asia, South America, and Brazil.

Mediumwave and shortwave stations predominate, with a few early FM stations. You’ll find many long gone and now forgotten broadcasters, many of whom were powerful stations of their time and known to listeners around the globe.

Each Retro Radio Dial features comes in a broader media perspective from 1953, with the most popular music and movies of the time, and a group of suggested books you can buy to explore cultural, political and other issues of the period from the region.

Join us at shortly to discover these new features, and enjoy the large number of features such as Iron Curtain Europe, Africa, Caribbean and many others already published.

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