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Visit the Pacific this winter

December 28 2013Pacific Radio Guides

If you’re tired of winter, visit the Pacific this holiday season from the warmth of your own home and enjoy the sounds of summer.

We have 3 key radio guides you can use at

* PAL covers AM from Alaska to Afghanistan and all the islands, countries and places in between including Hawaii and Guam
* Australian Radio Guide covers AM, FM & Digital across the world’s largest island and smallest continent, with one click links to websites and direct streaming from hundreds of stations in every state, and the small towns and country areas, as well as the metro cities
* New Zealand Radio Guide covers AM & FM from north to south across the two most beautiful islands in the world, again with one click links to websites and direct streaming from hundreds of stations, big and small, and remember, New Zealand sees Christmas Day and New Years Day first in the world!

So, no need to sit shivering in the cold this winter, when the Pacific summer awaits you, just use any of our key radio guides to help you find your place in the sun.

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.

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