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You saved the big box of memorabilia

We hope you’ve had a good Christmas and have enjoyed some time with family and friends, and even vacations in places touched by summer.This past week, we opened up a large box of estate radio memorabilia containing cards and letters and other items mostly from the early 1950’s…. and just touching and looking at things with the names of people and stations from over 50 years ago reminded me again of the importance of what we do.

Many of the stations have long gone. Physically as well as the people involved. Now, all that remains are fragments. A letter here, a card there, a photo, a program guide, fading signs of things that were once seen as solid.

Usually, this stuff gets dumped, burned, trashed, thrown away, but every now and then someone thinks no, let’s keep it. This was a collection of thousands of cards and letters collected by one man over more than half a century. It represented hours of his life and we’re so glad his family thought to send it to us for safekeeping.

It took us 3 full days to just sort it. Cataloging, scanning and organizing new secure archive folders and albums and finding more storage space will take many more days in the coming months. And we have 2 more big boxes to even open yet!

We’ll be using images from this collection to illustrate our new series of Retro Radio Guides from 1953, so as well as the name of the station, you’ll take a trip back 60 years to share the colorful letterheads, logos, photos and other memorabilia of a time fading fast from our memories.

This is the real work that goes on behind the scenes of the website but we’ve ended up $6,188 under funded for the past 9 months as at December 31, and if you’re able make a donation towards these overhead costs, we’d sure welcome your help so we can save more collections like this one.

Globally, you can donate at using Visa & Mastercard, we recognize all donations from our supporters, and can issue tax deductible receipts for donors living in New Zealand.

Have a safe and Happy New Year in 2014, and thanks for supporting us on this journey so far.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a supporter funded community based project offering free access to radio memories and memorabilia, collecting, saving and sharing what we can to connect today’s people with yesterdays radio. We’re all volunteers, no one gets paid, and we rely on supporters to cover our fixed overhead costs like storage, office space, power, consumables, insurance etc. We’ve been online at since 2004.