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Retro Radio Dial Pacific Islands 1953

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Retro Radio Dial Australia,
New Zealand & Pacific 1953

Less than 10 years after the end of the Second World War, its echoes could still be heard across the Pacific, at that time often called an  American lake.

Commercial radio was returning to new heights of public popularity in Australia, state run radio was firmly in control in New Zealand, the first FM radio station was on the air in the then still Territory of Hawaii and the many islands of the Pacific remained in the colonial control of the UK, USA, France, Australia and New Zealand.

The most powerful AM station was a Voice of America megawatt outlet on Okinawa in the occupied Ryukyu Islands, otherwise the honor went to 2YA/2YC from Wellington in New Zealand. The shortwaves were completely dominated by Radio Australia, then forging new audiences across the region and popularity across the world with its Australian brand of friendly radio.

It was a still a time of tension in the region, with the Korean War winding down, Russia and America deep in a Cold War and yet, across the islands, small radio stations were emerging such as KUAM on Guam and the airwaves were settling into a decade long period of growth and prosperity.

Retro Radio Dial Australia, New Zealand & Pacific is the latest in this fascinating series that takes a look back at the  world’s radio dials 60 years ago.

Recent additions include Brazil, South Asia, South East Asia and Japan whilst the feature on North Asia has been revised.

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