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Radio Celebrates Australia Day

All across Australia today, it’s time to celebrate things Australian.From the bush to the city and in every state and territory, share Australia Day with the voices, sounds and events of Australia through thousands of Australian radio stations.

They’re all online in the Australian Radio Guide and you’re just one click away from audio streaming them live at is also a day of reflection as well as play, and you’ll find fascinating features from the past:

* who was broadcasting in Australia way back in 1931
* long gone radio stations in the mid-1940’s as Aussies struggled with finding peace in the days after WWII
* the power of Radio Australia calling the world in 1953
* Bi-centennial year 1988 showcases the changes on the Aussie airwaves

All these and more at so enjoy Australia Day, the day it’s good to be an Aussie.Radio Heritage Foundation
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