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Popular new features need new donors

Now that 2014 is moving along, we need to tell you that we’ve had only 8 donations in January, to be expected as thoughts and concerns are elsewhere over the Christmas/New Year period.

The result is that we still have to find $1,842 to meet the January overheads.

Last 3 months v previous 3 months
* New visits +4.5%
* All visits -3.2%
* USA visits +29.5%
* Australia visits +1.5%
* NZ visits -23.7%
[these are affected by seasonal variations]

You’ll find more new Retro Radio Dial features now online as we’ve had some time to research them over the quiet time, and we’ve got some more in the works. We’ll do what we can to keep bringing more features and content online this year, which is also our 10th anniversary online.

We’ve been fielding a good number of the inquiries that people make when their focus is on family and memories, and we continue the work of protecting memorabilia and researching new features and all the other unseen work that goes behind what we share.

Join us on our Facebook page – we have now reached 880 likes and growing!

Already, four of our new features rank in the Top 20 features seen during January 2014… it’s good to see they’re liked so much!

We must now find $1,842 without delay:
* we’ve about reached the limit to financial loss we can tolerate
* all donations are publicly acknowledged
* tax deductible receipts for NZ donors
* new option to donate smaller regular amounts
* we have no other income except for donations
* Yes, we do much more than manage a website too!

So if you do want to see radio heritage protected and shared, don’t wait for someone else to make a donation, 99% of people never bother to… but the 1% make it possible for thousands to enjoy hundreds of features every day, underpin our radio guides, and make it possible to keep safe many thousands of items of radio memorabilia for all to enjoy.

Thanks so much for joining us again in 2014, and do enjoy the new features we’ve recently added such as Retro Radio Dial Australia, New Zealand & Pacific; South East Asia; South Asia; and Brazil….and keep an eye out for more……

All best wishes for 2014, and thank you if you can make a donation this weekend. It is very very seriously needed.

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