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Old Australian Radio Popular

Australian Radio from the 1940’s

You’re probably more familiar with today’s radio in Australia, but you’re invited to have a look at some 40 features about  Australian radio from the 1940’s at

We call them Long lost Australian Radio Stars, and they give a fascinating insight into the world of Australian radio in 1946, just as the nation was getting back to normality after WWII.

They’re a link with the past, part of building Australia’s nationhood. The people portrayed were generally born 1880-1910 and had lived through the arrival of wireless and the motor car and commercial flight and two world wars and a great economic depression.

These people had experienced a lot.

In 1946, they returned to entertaining Australians in the time before TV and FM radio…and we’ve found amazing art work from the era to give color to many of the features.

They remain one of our most popular series, and still rank in the Top 20 stories being read so far in 2014, and we hope you’ll enjoy them.

Some of the stations are still broadcasting today, while others have moved to FM or closed down, but they’re part of what it means to be Australian.

Of course, you’re always welcome to check the Australian Radio Guide for today’s radio personalities, programs and entertainment from across Australia too.

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