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New Retro Radio series is popular

Radio Heritage Foundation

March 28 2014

Retro Radio Series Popular

You know, 1953 was a really big year. Baby boomers bounced into the world, the Korean War ended and the Cold War started….and it’s proving a popular year for our new series Retro Radio.

Instead of looking way way back into the 1920’s and 1930’s, this series features a time familiar to many people today, and already the #1 feature at so far in 2014 is Retro Radio Japan 1953, followed within the Top 10 features by Retro Radio Australia, New Zealand Pacific 1953….so come and have a look at the radio stations that ruled the airwaves just over 60 years ago.

You’ll find Brazil, Iron Curtain Europe, Nordic Europe, Canada, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East/Central Asia and many others…………..and for some even more recent memories, Retro Radio Hawaii 1961, Idaho 1963 and Texas 1963.

Enjoy them all today, and see the top books, music and movies of 1953 as well, so you can get a good feel for what life was like listening to the radio in those exciting times.

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