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Retro Radio Free Europe and News

Our latest Retro Radio 1953 features should be online very shortly now. There are three of them, all covering Free Europe: Longwave/Mediumwave [AM], FM, and Shortwave. 

These are fascinating…the early days of massive shortwave broadcasting from western Europe, Radio Andorra, Radio Luxembourg, Radio Monte Carlo, the freedom stations, the low power Germans and Austrians on shortwave, the start of Deutsche Welle, the large scale introduction of FM across then Western Germany, US Armed Forces Radio stations across much of the continent, and the strength of the BBC broadcasting to the colonies across the world.

These new features are balanced by Retro Radio Nordic Europe 1953 and Retro Radio Iron Curtain Europe 1953, and together cover thousands of radio stations from Europe at a crucial time when the Cold War with the USSR was heating up, the Korean war ending, Stalin died, Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne…we really do recommend the entire series.

We’re now working on Retro Radio South America 1953 and Central America 1953 as well as some more new features……and very good news, a new scanner has been made available to us and so we can finally begin to share more treasures from our growing archives. It’s been a year without one, as we couldn’t afford one.

We ended our financial year on March 31 with unpaid operating expenses of $5,341 which was very disappointing. But, on the bright side, we’re still here. This April we’re still looking for $529 to reach our objective of fully paying our operating expenses for the month.  If you can make a donation towards this amount this month, thank you. Remember, the whole project [of which is just the window into our collections of physical ephemera] is funded only by interested supporters around the world, and you can always read our annual reports and financial reports by clicking on the link to our regulator at the bottom of every page.

We’re thankful to all those from around the world who make donations large and small to keep us going in this, our 10th year. Other projects have come and gone, and many websites have just disappeared as people found them too hard to maintain after initial bursts of energy. We see many things come and go on Facebook as well…speaking of which, come and like us…we’re now over 1,000 likes and growing……………

As well as the Australian and New Zealand Radio Guides, work will start again soon on the new Hawaii and Pacific Island Radio Guides……it always depends on volunteers. There is so much to do to keep the memories safe.

We’re open 24/7 so come along and enjoy our exhibitions, features, guides, reports, and hundreds of memories and thousands of images….. from anywhere in the world. Still free thanks to our good supporters.

To make a donation this April, just visit and use the secure Paypal system….and in the meantime, look for Retro Radio Free Europe 1953 online very soon

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