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Latest News and Fundraising Update

* New 3 part group of features about broadcasting in Western Europe in the Retro Radio 1953 series has now gone live. This was the year the infamous Cold War between Russia and the West began, the year Stalin died, Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in the UK, and the Korean War ended. We call the group Retro Radio Free Europe…take a walk back 50 years to see the massive shortwave armada directed at the Iron Curtain countries, the massive expansion of post war FM across West Germany and Italy, and the signals from famous but long gone AM stations such as Radio Andorra, Radio Luxembourg and Radio Monte Carlo.
* The final in the highly popular Long Lost Australian Radio Stars series is now live, with an in-depth look at 2GB Sydney, a station still going strong and leading the ratings after more than 80 years on the air.
* Work continues on the remaining Retro Radio 1953 features such as South America and Central America, bringing to life many famous radio calls heard around the world from south of the border.
* Work will start again soon on the Hawaii Radio Guide, a contemporary guide to stations on AM and FM across the Pacific state of Hawaii, and useful for visitors to the islands, those who want to listen to Hawaii from home, and anyone who wants to know how so many radio stations can survive in such a small radio market.
* The Silk Road by Shortwave is a new feature currently under research. This will follow the famous Silk Road from Asia, through Central Asia and on to Europe comparing shortwave broadcasters along the route between 1953 and 2003. For those who remember Radio Tashkent for example, this will be a treat.
* Visits to the website part of the project continue to grow, and we’re still averaging around 80% new visitors each week, and about 20% regulars. However, we’re not a mainstream feature of people’s lives and more than 2.750 million websites rank higher than This means that attracting sponsors is hard.

* It’s that time of the month. Our operating costs for May are $1,992 and early donations towards these will be very welcomed.
* Regular $25 Regular Gold $35 Contributing $50 Sponsor $100 and many other supporter options including small regular payments to help the budget!
* Your support is what keeps the project alive. Remember, 100% of donations go straight into keeping the project afloat. We are also 100% purely volunteer operated. We file full annual accounts and reports with our state regulator and are registered as a non-profit charitable organization. You can always access direct links to our reports at our regulator through any page at

* Individuals around the world who like and support what we do to keep radio heritage safe are the people who make it possible for the project to continue both behind the scenes, and online where free access 24/7 continues to hundreds of features and images. We’re now in our 10th year and have seen other attempts to preserve radio memories come and go……
* Have any suggestions or ideas for new research projects or new features you want to see at Maybe something you’d like to work on yourself or with a few friends? Email us at and tell us what you’d like to see and maybe what you could offer to do.

In the meantime, enjoy, and if you can make a donation this month, please do so using the Paypal button on every page at…and don’t forget to use any of our Amazon book, movie or music links to do your online shopping.

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