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Glenn Hauser logs May 7-8, 2014

** BRAZIL. 6180, May 7 at 0617, RNA is off here, but still on 11780. When 6180 is missing, it`s troubling in case totally out of whack again with spurs elsewhere on band, but none heard now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 18 CNR1 jammers circa 1330 morning of May 7; no Firedrakes:
11605, May 7 at 1332, CNR1 jammer, very poor with flutter
11640, May 7 at 1332, CNR1 jammer, poor with flutter
11785, May 7 at 1332, CNR1 jammer, fair with flutter
11805, May 7 at 1333, CNR1 jammer, very poor with flutter
13830, May 7 at 1331, CNR1 jammer, very poor; none in the 10s, 12s
13850, May 7 at 1331, CNR1 jammer, poor but heavy 13845 WWCR ACI
14920, May 7 at 1328, CNR1 jammer, poor
14980, May 7 at 1328, CNR1 jammer, poor
15115, 15195, 15265, May 7 at 1327, CNR1 inband jammers, fair as usual
15570, May 7 at 1325, CNR1 jammer, very poor with het on lo side
16100, May 7 at 1325, CNR1 jammer, good
16300, May 7 at 1325, CNR1 jammer, fair
17300, May 7 at 1320, CNR1 jammer, fair; first one heard, then others
17735, May 7 at 1320, CNR1 jammer, fair
18870, May 7 at 1323, CNR1 jammer, poor; none in the 19s

18990, May 7 at 1323, CNR1 jammer, fair; against the new RFA Tibetan via Kuwait panoply? Ivo`s sked in DXLD 14-18 called for the 13-14 hour on Wednesdays to be on 18950, but Saturdays on 18990, so random jumps?

** CUBA. 6165, May 7 at 0617, RHC English is back on here, after missing from 0100 past 0200, and seemingly replaced during those hours by 5040 in English instead of Spanish. But now at 0618, 6000, which is supposed to be in English, is in Spanish instead, Prof. Coro with a science segment. English remains also on 6060, 6100; and 5040 is off (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. 13750, May 7 at 0611, good signal in tonal African language. It`s Hausa from RFI via Issoudun at 0600-0630; had not noticed it before. Now it`s the second SSOB after 13630 Australia (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE. 15630, May 8 at 0117, very poor signal with Greek talk, // best 9420 and second-best 7475, so all three Avlis transmitters are on tonight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. Re my previous note about KOSU announcement regarding its relay station KOSN, 107.5 Ketchum-Tulsa, I asked Kelly Burley about it and he replied:

“Greetings Glenn, Here is the text of the on-air announcement. I’ve also attached the FCC assignment application, which is a matter of public record. Kelly

PRC Tulsa I – LLC, the licensee of noncommercial Radio Station KOSN, 107.5 MHz, Ketchum, Oklahoma, gives notice that on April 28, 2014, an application for consent to assign the license to Oklahoma State University was filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

The officers and directors of Public Media Company, the sole member of PRC Tulsa I – LLC, are Teresa Bryce Bazemore, Carolyn Grinstein, Marc Hand, Susan Harmon, Kiyoshi Ikeda and A. Joshua Mallamud. The officers and directors of Oklahoma State University are Calvin Anthony, Rick Davis, Douglas Burns, Joe Hall, Dr. Trudy Milner, Andrew Lester, Tucker Link, Jim Reese, Mrs. Lou Watkins, Jason Ramsey and Burns Hargis. A copy of the application and related materials are available for public inspection at 1 West 3rd Street, Grove Oklahoma, between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.“

** PERU. 5980, May 8 at 0109, R. Chaski carrier still on until off at 0110:33.5* which is 5.5 seconds later than yesterday. Storms further south in Oklahoma make for a high noise level, so not much porch monitoring tonight, also very windy (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SRI LANKA. 11905, May 8 at 0115, very poor with flutter, SLBC has just opened with music, and timesignal ending at 0115:18.5, exactly same as two bidays ago, so rather consistent with other chex this month, only varying one sesquiminute from 0118 to 0119.5 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1719 monitoring: confirmed final repeat on WRMI 9955, and finally on the NW antenna, Wednesday May 7 at 1315 immediately following the new show from Cyprus.

WORLD OF RADIO 1720: ready for first airing UT Thursday May 8 at 0330 on WRMI 9955; then Thursday May 8 at 1230. UT Sunday 0030 on 9495 – could be previous edition.

On WTWW, Thursday 2101 on 9475; Saturday 2330 on 9930; UT Sunday 0401 on 5830. (Last week unscheduled appearances Thursday 0530 & 1530 on 12105, but probably not likely to recur.)

On WWRB, UT Friday 0328v on 5050.

On Hamburger Lokalradio, Saturday 0630 & 1430 on 7265-CUSB.

On Area 51 via WBCQ, UT Monday 0300 on 5110v-CUSB

Full schedule including many more webcasts:

** U S A. 9930, May 8 at 0110 I noticed that WTWW-2 is missing from 5085, and at 0111 I find it is still on 9930 with TOM, way past the nominal QSY time 0000. Still inbooming on 9930 and at this time of year might as well stay up till at least 0100; but sometime before 0123 next check, it`s switched to 5085 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9370, May 7 at 0615, yet again, WWRB is running day frequency at night with BS, and also weaker // 3185.

And 9370, May 8 at 0121, is still on and much stronger and less noisy than // 3185; while 5050 remains off. Maybe this depends on day of week and how much time is unsold on 5050; hope it`s back next night, UT Friday, for WORLD OF RADIO at 0330v (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Morning of May 7, tropo opening much like yesterday`s with DTV TVDX from Kansas again, but also Missouri and Nebraska, out as far as Omaha. KHCC is again capturing 90.1 from KUCO, so a quick check of TV before breakfast finds first:

1352 UT on RF-49, 49-1 as KTKA-HD with GMA from ABC; 49-2 as KTKA-WX; 49-3 at KTKACW+, i.e. Topeka KS. (Dave Pomeroy there later replied he was getting OKC and as far as DFW, 500+ miles in his first decent tropening of the year; I didn`t look for anything from the south). Hepburn map for 1200 UT today shows purple in north/central KS, eastern NE, but not extending into OK.

[BTW, there are still a few stations above channel 51 in listings, translators or low power mostly, many of them in Texas, northern Mexico, some hi power — so must keep surfing above 51.]

Our normally strong semi-local, 91.7 KOSU is squeezed on both sides via the breakfast table DX-390, so I listen a bit to 91.9 at 1355 UT: politico-religious discussion until 1355 UT outro as `Insight` on the Sonlife Broadcast Network. Then Jimmy Swaggart and his grandson shilling family products. I can barely make it // 1490 in Guthrie OK, the Swaggart-owned station KMFS. 1400 ID as Sonlife, originating from 88.5 WJFM, Bâton Rouge LA, plus local ID for 91.9, KBDD, Winfield-Wichita. It`s not that far but normally don`t hear it at all, despite 48 kW at 150 meters vs IBOC from KOSU. Then it`s back to the TV DX shack, antenna northward again.

1412 UT on RF 20, DTV 7-1 KETV-DT, which is Omaha NE, along with 7-2, KETV-ME, the latter with Perry Mason B&W. Several photos around 1428 UT, including attempted closeup of the ME/KETV bug in the lower right. 7-1 has circle 7 and KETV bug LR. Not new, but considerable DX at city-to-city of 565 km = 351 statute miles. KETV holds up better and longer than any of the closer signals, still in past 1500 UT when Wichitans have faded into the Bad signal zone, until about 1530 UT, and decoded again briefly at 1545 UT.

1414 UT on RF 17, DTV 8-1 KPTS-HD and its two subchannels as also seen on RF-8. In its infinite wisdom, FCC originally allocated only two VHF channels to Wichita KS, forcing two other network affiliates to find a channel elsewhere, like smaller city Hutchinson, starting with KTVH, CBS on 12, later renamed KWCH for obvious reasons. For PBS, KPTS also had to use a Hutchinson allocation on 8. With the DTV era, VHF 8 has reduced coverage from Hutchinson into Wichita, so they added RF 17 which is really in Wichita, per FCC TV Query, altho puts it in Hutchinson too. Strangely enough, both 8 and 17 have the same calls, KPTS; while any little translator gets to have its own unique call. I don`t recall getting KPTS on 17 before. Maybe because it`s only 13.7 kW per where many antenna heights are missing.

1414 UT on RF 14, my Zenith STB converter is confused by getting KAAS-DT again from Hoisington, which remaps at DTV 17-1.

1415 UT on 28, the sole NTSC signal I can ever get anymore is visible again weakly, like yesterday, Daystar`s 8.8 kW KWKD-LP Wichita KS.

1420 UT on RF 10, 10-1, KAKE-DT with Rachel Ray, while 10-2 has exact same PSIP as KAKE-DT but carrying ME with Perry Mason // KETV Omaha. I double checked to be sure I was getting this on RF 10 rather than RF 21 both from Wichita.

1423 UT on RF 30, 30-1 with RETRO, which is KSMI-LD Wichita. No time to recheck its other four channels; I wonder what PBJ is on -4, as seen yesterday?

1424 UT on RF 41, DT 38-1 KMCI-TV with circle 38 bug in lower right: it`s Lawrence KS but fancies itself a Kansas City airport station

1425 UT on RF 42, DTV 41-1 KSHB-TV with NBC Today – Kansas City

1426 UT on RF 47, DTV 62-1 KSMO-TV says PSIP; didn`t get it long enough to note programming

1431 UT on RF 18, DTV 19-1 KCPT-1; 19-2 KCPT-2 with such a bug in LR; 19-3 KCPT-3 with Create and own calls added to that LR bug; Kansas City which is approx 418 km = 260 statue miles from Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN. Re: “7250, May 2 at 0527, Vatican Radio is already on with tail of Albanian service which is not supposed to be on SW; 0528 harp music; 0529 cut to bells prior to scheduled 0530 English broadcast“

Oops, 0530 is not English but Latin Mass, altho with multilingual announcements, maybe some English (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. Re previous log: I should have said the 5 and 3 watts are Post-Sunset Authorizations, not critical hours, which KKLL also has; corrected:

1100, May 7 at 0131 UT some classic rock, seems NE/SW but surely not WTAM Cleveland. Music shortly fades out (or goes off?) as WTAM fades up with baseball. There aren`t very many 1100s around; both KKLL Webb City MO and KDRY Alamo Heights TX are supposedly Christian. KDRY`s May sunset to go direxional is 0115 UT; and so is KKLL`s as a daytimer, plus PSSA after 0115 of 5 watts the first hour, 3 watts the second; so what can it be? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 0301 UT May 8

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