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New Radio Heritage Documentary

Join us on Monday May 26 2014 to hear the latest radio heritage documentary airing on the Mailbox program from Radio New Zealand International.

Listen live via shortwave directed to the South Pacific at times and frequencies you’ll find listed at or listen any time after Monday via the archived program at their website.

It’s the fastest growing city in New Zealand, home to a vintage radio station still playing 45’s, 78’s and LP’s with a restored heritage 1937 Collins AM transmitter, home to two radio training schools each with their own local radio station, and home to 5 radio stations based in local schools… well as some 40 other radio stations.

Yet, in the 1950’s this city didn’t have even one local radio station, although it was near the transmitter site of powerful 1YZ which could be heard throughout the Pacific, across to New York, and far out into the Atlantic.

We’ll explore the local radio dial in 2014, from local stations to clusters, from networked brands to tiny stations heard for just a few miles, and share some of the sounds of radio from the hottest radio town in New Zealand.

Tune in this Monday and throughout the coming week via shortwave at Radio New Zealand International, also available streaming live worldwide and pick up the archived show if it’s more convenient in your timezone and location.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is home to hundreds of features about radio from around the Pacific, as well as the exclusive New Zealand Radio Guide with almost 1,100 listings of AM & FM radio stations with direct links to websites so you can hear New Zealand radio across the globe.

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