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Radio Bulgaria, 80 Years in 80 Weeks

Radio Bulgaria celebrates 80 years of broadcasting next year and has just started today on june 4 a new series of called Bulgarian National Radio: 80 Years in 80 Weeks”. From the introductory opening remarks in today’s episode 1: “In our feature 80 years in 80 weeks, Radio Bulgaria presents this  national treasure – Bulgaria’s memory in sound, preserved in the BNR’s  Golden Fund archives. We shall bring you archive recordings, bringing to  life interesting events and facts, the voices of politicians, writers,  poets, musicians, journalists, athletes who have made their mark in the  life of the country. We shall hear recordings we have every right to be  proud of, things that give food for thought, things we can now reassess  in the light of the times gone by.” This looks to be an interesting series – and if today’s 6 minute feature is typical, the end result will run to a combined total of 8 hours!. (
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