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New Island Radio Pacific Style feature

We’ve dug deep in the archives and found a fascinating feature from way back in 1961 when the Pacific island of Tonga started up its first radio station.

The opening ceremony was done by Queen Salote of Tonga, and we have photos of her arriving and speaking at the opening. We also have a photo inside the main studio, and the studio building, as well as details of the first staff of the Tonga Broadcasting Commission.

You’ll find the full feature at and it’s already been shared with people in Tonga, Fiji and Samoa who have enjoyed listening to the station for over 50 years.

As well, we found a special item in one of our collections, what is believed to be the first letter sent confirming reception of ZCO Tonga. This was for a test broadcast earlier in the year….and it’s included in the feature.

ZCO Tonga ‘The Call of the Friendly Islands’ has gone on to become one of the best known radio stations in the South Pacific. It’s now known as A3Z, and still broadcasts to Tonga and other parts of the South Pacific that get its powerful signal.

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