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Radio heritage goes after 65 years

We were saddened to learn today that the Radio NZ International Mailbox program to which we regularly contribute features about Pacific radio has been cancelled after 65 years. That’s a good run, and we’re pleased the funds will now be used for the core news and information programs directed to the South Pacific, which is the funded target area for RNZI.

We have about 10 years of features we’ve researched and presented, and we will shortly be working through these and converting them into multi-media features at our website We’ve already got an example there, Papua New Guinea Radio, and it’s proving quite popular. Why not check it out.

A special thanks to our team of financial supporters who make it possible to keep the project going each month. If you can join them, we’d love to hear from you this month. Currently, we need to find $1,649 to meet all our obligations by July 31. We welcome your gifts to help us continue all aspects of the project to protect radio memorabilia from being thrown away or lost, and we’d also love to add you to the Supporter Roll of Honor at

You’ll find simple and quick ways to make a gift that counts just by looking under the ZCO Tonga logo on the right-hand side of every page. And, whilst you’re there, have a look around the hundreds of features and images, explore our radio guides, learn more about our mission, and share us on various social media. Did you know we have a Facebook page with over 1,350 fans!

Whether you’re in the middle of summer or the middle of winter, it’s good to know we have so many friends, like you, that we can count on to keep the radio memories safe for future generations.

Best wishes from the team
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