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It’s time to pay us a visit
October 30 2014

Time to visit

You’re invited to visit the Radio Heritage Foundation website at
Lots of photos, people, logos, stories etc about radio stations around the Pacific and further afield.
Part of a global project to save radio memorabilia from being lost or thrown away, we protect collections of QSL cards, coverage maps, Top 40 charts, program guides, promotional items like car stickers etc….many
thousands of items now held…the website is just a taste of what we offer.
We research stories based on our collections as often as possible too.
Also the home of the PAL Pacific AM radio guide, NZ Radio Guide, Australia Radio Guide…and we also invite you to become a supporter as well as send in your own radio memories.
We acknowledge all our supporters on our Roll of Honor and look forward to seeing your name there soon.
From as little as $5 and weekly or monthly donations help your budget.
Our radio heritage is just too important for us to lose.
It’s time to visit us today.
We hope you’ll enjoy what you discover.

Radio Heritage Foundation

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