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New PAL Radio Guide Available

You’re invited to use the new PAL radio guide which has recently been added to

This is the most complete, accurate and detailed guide to AM broadcasting from Alaska-Afghanistan with thousands of stations listed, locations, powers, program notes, times of transmission and much more.

The PAL radio guide was started in New Zealand many decades ago, and is still hosted in New Zealand, and prepared by Seattle USA based Bruce Porter.

Also at you’ll find the Australia Radio Guide and the New Zealand Radio Guide detailing AM, FM and digital radio stations in those two Pacific area countries.

These guides are a service of the Radio Heritage Foundation, provided for free community use. Donations towards our radio heritage programs are welcomed, we are user funded and run by volunteers.

Radio Heritage Foundation is a registered charitable trust that reports to a regulator in New Zealand but operates globally to protect radio heritage. See our hundreds of feature stories, many hundreds of photos of radio memorabilia.

Visit to use the PAL, Australia and NZ radio guides and to make a donation towards weekly operating costs. Donors are acknowledged on our Roll of Honor.

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