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Radio Hauraki 1480

Enjoying Summer 2015…..we’ve found a small pile of genuine “A Fresh Pacific Wind” CD’s..the story of Radio Hauraki 1966-1970..the classic compilation of sounds, interviews, clips, music and jingles from the original ship based radio in Auckland, New Zealand.

First 1480 test transmission, Armed Forces Show, “Mayday Mayday” broadcast before the ship was wrecked, Rick Grant, Alison Durbin, Tea Council ads, jingles etc…..

Yours for just $US50 via PAYPAL only at includes free shipping worldwide via airmail and entitles you to Sponsor supporter level recognition for the global radio memories project….

Includes souvenir booklet with photos and message from founder David Gapes comes as a free bonus…..get yours today and enjoy the real sounds of summer from the South Pacific.

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