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News items for the National Radio section of WRTH

Rythmos AM, Melbourne Vic operates on 1656 kHz.
Station X, Southport Qld operates on 1692 kHz.
Vintage FM relay via Ozy Radio on 3210 kHz is off the air. Ozy Radio plans to start operation on 5045 kHz.

R. RB2 has restarted operation on 3 shortwave frequencies: 6040, 9725 and 11935 kHz.

BNR has closed 261, 747, 864, 963 and 1161 kHz, only 576 kHz remains on the air.

CBC French Radio has closed its transmitter CBGA-1 New Carlisle PQ on 540 kHz.
CJSL Estevan SK has completed its move to 1150 kHz from 1280 kHz.

CNR Kazakh, Korean and Mongolian services have now extended transmission time, but fewer frequencies:
Kazakh Sce: now as follows: 2355-1200 on 11630 and 12055 kHz, 1200-1805 on 6180 & 9630 kHz.
Korean Sce: 0600-1500 on 5975 and 9785 kHz.
Mongolian Sce: 2055-0600 9610 and 11810 kHz.
Qinghai PBS: has made some SW schedule changes: Chinese 2200-1600 on 6145 and 9780 kHz and Tibetan Sce 2250-1600 on 5990 kHz and 9850 kHz. 4220 and 4750 kHz are off.

Global 760 AM (ex-R. Cordillera), Santo Domingo has restarted on 760 kHz in August 2014; reported on 762.75 kHz.

NDR has closed its 4 MW transmitters on 702, 792, 828 and 972 kHz.

NCN Voice of Guyana has reactivated 3290 kHz with 1 kW.

RRI Denpasar, Bali has reactivated its 10 kW Pro 4 transmitter on 1206kHz.
RRI Palembang, South Sumatera is inactive on 1287kHz.

IRIB provincial stations produce a common programme called “Shabhaye Iran” (Iran nights). It is produced by each studio in turn and broadcast between 2100-2230 via most provincial stations.

RTÉ’s operation on longwave 252 kHz has been extended until 2017.

Media Veneta Broadcast has added a transmitter for north Padova province on 1035 kHz.

BBC relays on medium wave have stopped.

ELWA R. reactivated second SW transmitter on 6050 kHz in parallel with 4760 kHz, both 1 kW. But acc. to most recent reports 4760 kHz is off the air.

Radio Nepal’s current web site is .

R. Maria has no plans to return on 4960 kHz.
Wantok R. Light is back on 7325 kHz shortwave.

R. Rossii has closed most of its medium wave transmitters. Only the following transmitters have been reported on the air after 30 January : Matveyevka 936 kHz, Zakamensk 963 kHz, Ust-Kan/Ulagan 1350/1353 kHz, Buguruslan 1395 kHz and Turochak/Ust-Koksa 1440 kHz.
R. MTUCI (Zelyoniy glaz) is currently inactive on both 1584 and 25900 kHz, but is looking for a permanent licence and restart is planned during the 2nd half of 2015.
R. Mayak transmitter in Kyzyl on 828 kHz has been closed and FM 103.4 MHz has replaced it.

SIBC current SW schedule is as follows: 1900-2200 & 0500-1200 on 5020 kHz and 2200-0500 on 9545 kHz.

The following COPE stations have been closed: Cáceres 900 kHz, Astorga & Ciutadella 1134 kHz, Oviedo 1143 kHz, Albacete 1224 kHz and Ciudad Real 1269 kHz.

Sudan Radio has returned to 7200 from 7205 kHz. Also the evening transmission at 1400-1630 & 1930-2100 carries General Sce, not R. Peace any more.

UR1 is testing with 100 kW on 1278 kHz from Petrivka (Odesa).

R. Vanuatu is operating on 3945 kHz 0000-2400 and 7260 kHz is inactive. Both MW transmitters are reported off the air.

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