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Real good news this week!
May 29 2015Hi radio heritage friends:

There’s a lot happening to make our website much better for you to use, and our radio heritage project stronger! We’ll be adding some highlights from our recent annual report to soon.

And, now read on………….now we can start to focus on saving radio memories and memorabilia with less worries…we hear every day of people and stations just trashing their history, their heritage..tossing it all out when they’re moving, when they end a hobby or interest…so much is irreplaceable and we could weep at what’s still being lost…for 10 years now we’ve started just one memory at a time, one piece of memorabilia..and yes, it’s worth saving. It really is.

More Good News

Finally after months of delays, we now have confirmation that 50% of the weekly costs should be underwritten from July 1…’s a very generous arrangement. It should take a big pressure off us, even though we’ll still require $225 each week from elsewhere. So please consider joining the journey with us so finally we can do more to keep the radio memories and share the wonderful stories and other memorabilia in our collections.

The next few weeks

For April 1 -June 30 [our first quarter] our operational costs are $A5,834, and so far we have $A3,470 thanks to generous ongoing donors. But, that leaves us with $A2,364 still to find to make these good news events start to happen in the coming weeks. Will you help be able to help us? It’s less than $1 each from the people on this mailing list, over 225 of whom continue to give generously year after year to help fund this global radio memories project.

As you know. we accept donations at, acknowledge donors by name on the honor roll, and remind you that we get no government or institutional grants…we’re independent, and free for the community to use. But we rely on the community to fund us, it’s as simple as that. We’re a non-profit, run by volunteers. We meet the many needs of the thousands of people who visit each month…………………

Again, thanks for staying true!

Thank you so much for your patience! I’m sure you almost as frustrated getting these sorts of emails as we are sending them out. The reality is that few businesses want to partner us because we’re too small, it’s an issue facing thousands upon thousands of non-profits everywhere.

If you’ve heard from us recently and/or responded already, thank you for your patience. It is sincerely welcomed.

Radio Heritage Foundation

Now, over 10 years of service to radio heritage memories………..

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