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Radio Heritage Grows Globally

Since it’s establishment some 10 years ago, the New Zealand based global radio memories project best known for its popular website continues to grow.

Some 400 stories [the latest being FM in Cambodia and Kenya], many hundreds of rare photos and images, and an ever expanding range of helpful radio guides [the latest is Hawaii USA] make the website a special place for all kinds of people: radio hobbyists, nostalgia buffs, historians, family history researchers, tourists, and thousands of ordinary people worldwide looking for something interesting to read or learn related to radio history and heritage…and today’s radio.

So far in 2015, visitors to the website come from such places as Australia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, China, Iran and over 100 other countries across the Pacific, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North, South and Central America….all finding something of interest. The top 25 cities they live in include New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Mumbai, Dhaka and London………….

Thank you for supporting this free community project of the non-profit Radio Heritage Foundation. The real project work is behind the scenes, and we’re only scratching the surface………….but we’re sure you’ll find our website fascinating, entertaining, educational and, of course, fun!

We’re completely community funded and we’d love to have you join us this month. From $25 for regular supporters, that’s just 48c a week over a year for our complete project to keep radio memories safe. Our website is just a small but vital part of this global project.

We’re still needing $A906 to fund our first quarter expenses [full details at] ending on June 30, so if you’re able to contribute towards this…..thank you in advance.

See you again soon!

Radio Heritage Foundation

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