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SAQ transmission – June 28, 2015- preliminary report

Radiostation Grimeton SAQ:
Preliminary listeners summary report from the SAQ transmission on June 28th, 2015

Unfortunately we got problem with the antenna at the first transmission at 09:00 UTC. It was a short circuit which caused fire in an isolator in one of the feeders. We were happy to be able to repair it fast and thesecond transmission at 12:00 UTC worked out very well.

In fact we think it was one of the best transmissions ever, and the frequency was surprisingly clear from interferences.

The number of reports were however less than usual, some 200, compared to the Christmas Eve  2014 transmission, when we received nearly 4 00 reports. Possibly the interrupted transmission is a reason.

We thank you for being so understanding when we had trouble and patiently waited for the next transmission.

The Alexander-Grimeton Veteranradios Vaenner Association.
Jan Steinbach/Chairman

P.S. The fire can be seen in a short film sequence on our website Next intended transmission will be on Christmas Eve, Dec 24th, 2015. D.S.

Preliminary Summary Report
Here is also a Preliminary Summary Report on transmission from Grimeton Radio/SAQ on 17,2 kHz on Alexanderson Day 2015-06-28.

An updated version of the report will be published on our web site, later on.


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