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Logs Cristian Mocanu, August 20th

Here are some logs from the early morning of August 20th (QTH Deva, Romania:45°52’ N,  22°54’ E).

01.02 5920 World Harvest Radio, Cypress Creek USA in English with “Uncensored News”,45444

01.09 5950  IRIB via Sirjan, IRN  with news in Tajik, 35333

01.14 6000 Radio Habana Cuba in English with tx about Iran, Israel, relationship with US etc., clear ID, 45433

01.41 9575 Radio Médi 1, Nador, MRC, in French/Arabic with Ray music, multiple ID-s, jingles, 33433

01.52 11620, AIR via Bengaluru, IND in Urdu with tx and Bollywood songs, 45434

01.55  11730 Vatican Radio, Santa Maria di Galeria, CVA in English to SE As., about environmental protection, 55555

73’s, Cristian

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