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Babcock Shortwave and DRM Roadshow

Babcock International has been involved in DRM since the inception of the standard displaying a wealth of experience in the design, development, regulation and practical application of DRM as a dependable broadcasting medium, particularly in the HF and MF frequency bands.

Babcock already provides DRM broadcasting solutions to a number of customers, including the BBC World Service, with regular transmissions to Europe and South Asia as it has a range of DRM capable facilities at locations around the world and is able to broadcast a DRM service to every continent. As their business card shows Babcock also has a wide range of expertise in frequency and spectrum management, facilities design and build, re-engineering and project management.

Supporting the Consortium, Babcock have also broadcast a number special DRM transmissions over recent years to coincide with specific industry events and conferences etc. On Monday 19th October, Babcock broadcast another DRM test from the Woofferton transmitting station in Shropshire, UK, beamed into central London between 1630 and 1830 (UK time) on 3955kHz. This was used to showcase DRM at a joint BBC/Babcock event being held at the BBC’s Broadcasting House headquarters. Babcock organises a bi-annual internal ‘Roadshow’ at the BBC to highlight the seasonal changes to broadcast schedules and SW frequencies every March and October, and is using this autumn’s event to demonstrate DRM technology to BBC World Service managers, production and editorial staff. The roadshow also provides an opportunity to showcase Babcock’s new broadcast capabilities in Playout, TV and radio distribution and multi-platform media.

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