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Free Radio Guides NZ & more

Remember, you’ll find our new NZ Radio Guide plus others now with no need to enter an email address or a password….

You’ll find our free radio guides at

* PAL classic guide to MW from Alaska to Afghanistan and absolutely full of details you need to monitor this exciting part of the world…over 50 years of service to listeners the world over!

* Hawaii AM and FM with all the full power and translator stations showing program feeds, website links for more data and online listening….great for planning your Hawaii vacation…even Google maps to find station locations!

* Australian AM, FM and DAB guide with many low power local FM stations, brands, websites for full data and online listening worldwide from the ABC and big city stations and local community radio

* New Zealand AM & FM guide is the most complete and accurate guide available with even hundreds of low power local FM, all the brands, RNZ and local community radio…links to websites for full information, and global online audio streaming…useful Google maps too.


These guides are all free to use, no need to log in or enter a password or even your email address…just use them and enjoy them as a free community service of the Radio Heritage Foundation.

While you’re at spend some time with hundreds of stories, hundreds of photos and colorful logos and much more celebrating the amazing radio heritage of the world.

And catch up on the latest Tune In Radio Bulletin and learn more about this global community based project run entirely by volunteers!

Happy Listening!
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