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Glenn Hauser logs November 21-22

** ANGUILLA. 6090, Nov 21 at 2205-2206+, open carrier, dead air, too long to have been a pregnant pause for DGS to light a cigar and take a puff or two; rather, Caribbean Beacon is slow to apply modulation following daily frequency change from 11775 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 4765, Nov 22 at 0156, R. Progreso is on, not gone for good tho it was unheard 48 hours earlier. It was also off 18 minutes earlier tonight when Saul Chernos was trying to find it in Ontario for a MW // check. Supposed to start at 0130, or has that changed? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 5060, 4980, 4850, 4500, Nov 22 at 0052, JBA carriers, all matching the reactivated Xinjiang PBS, Urumqi winter frequencies, each a different domestic language service (Glen Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EGYPT. 9315 & 9965, Nov 22 at 0112, still no trace of signals from R. Cairo on North American frequencies. By now the MUF could simply be too low, but it seems that Greece on the way is off the 9420 air, so is R. Cairo still on or not? Once again I call for other monitors to check whether RC broadcasts they should be hearing are missing (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 7395, UT Sunday Nov 22 at 0048, tune-in The Mighty KBC to an ad in Dutch mentioning Blaupunkt and Sangean; via Nauen, GERMANY, only S8 and suffering from S9+50 7385 splash during WHRI music; not so bad later during talk. 0104 introducing Uncle Eric van Willigen in English; by 0130 he`s pushing the 125,000 watts of power, time as 30:25 past the hour, then Kim Elliott introducing this week`s Radiogram to last 1:31 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6954.6 or 6955.3? Nov 22 at 0041 some pirate music, but dense and lacking carrier it`s very hard to tune in, made worse by QRM from 2-way in Spanish on 6954.4-USB; all gone at 0100. This thread says it was Canadian Radio After Dark, moving around:,24625.0.html

** NORTH AMERICA. 6930.0-AM, Nov 22 at 0045, pirate music on very poor signal past 0102; 0127 ID “Radio True North, it`s 27 minutes past 1 hour UTC“ when it was really 0127:40; 0136 finally recognize some music, “Partridge in a Pear Tree“; 0147 has surged to stronger S9 with more music, 0148 announcement over rock, “Breaking news: winter storm advisory has been changed to a winter warning“; 0152 “Your radio dial is at — Radio True North — feel free to —“ Lots more logs here but skipping over the times I mention:,24626.0.html
Later moved to 4070:,24640.0.html

** NORTH AMERICA. 6925.16-AM, Nov 22 at 0046 song with banjo, 2-way SSB CCI, gone by 0102 check. Typical frequency of Liquid Radio transmitter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6940-USB, Nov 22 at 0100, S6 with old song, “N—– baby, burn `em down tonight“, so presumably Burn It Down Radio? But these logs say it was Moonlight Radio at 0101-0110*:,24633.0.html

** OKLAHOMA. 1230, Sat Nov 21 at 1945 UT, OMG, it`s Rush Limbaugh on WBBZ Ponca City, ranting against “Barack Hussein O.“ The oldies/classic rock format is gone, and now it`s NewsTalk 1230, i.e. far-right cretins occupying most of the airtime.
shows Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity/Levin/Savage on weekdays, and nothing on weekends (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1330 & 1450, Nov 21 at 1946 UT, second-order spurs from KCRC 1390 Enid not exactly 60 kHz away as they are making hets with 1330 KNSS Wichita, and the weak Okies on 1450. Much stronger first-order spurs, complete with KCRC audio, are as usual on 1360 and 1420, not exactly 30 kHz away as when further away than ~1 mile from transmitter site, via caradio at Hiram Champlin`s kite field, they too make hets against 1420 and 1360 victims in OK and KS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1560, Nov 21 at 1947 UT, W&W discussing chile recipes, so has KEBC Del City flipped format from sportstalk to femtalk? No, a few minutes later they are discussing Okie teams, and soon canned ID for “The Franchise, 107.7 KRXO“ which I then check for // and it`s running the same ad but not synchronized. NRC AM Log has KEBC as “The Franchise 2“ (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1640, Nov 21 at 1916 UT, dead air except for perpetual hum, from KZLS Enid/Hennessey/OKC; remodulating at next check 1948 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU [and non]. 5980, Nov 22 at 0058, one JBA carrier, R. Chaski, and still only one 0059-0100+ when BBC/UAE should have come on. By 0110 now there are two beating against each other until the stronger one cuts off at 0112:36.5* which is 12 seconds later than on Nov 20 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 9870, Nov 21 at 2130, tuning around the R-75 for something musical to accompany my nap, here`s some lively ME pop music to 2200 – they must really be groovin` in The Kingdom after midnite. BSKSA is here at 18-23 on 500 kW, 310 degrees USward, but intended for just Western Europe; not to be confused with AIR Vividh Bharati Indian pop music, occupying most of the rest of the day on 9870. See also YEMEN [non] for more BSKSA items (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 3299.0-USB, Nov 22 at 0157, MARS net, AFF4FL with nothing heard, 0158 contacting another station after dead air. 0159 closing down net. Yahoo search on that call gets top hit for: “William (Bill) Matzinger, AFF4FL, Florida State MARS Director“ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 6986.50-USB, Nov 22 at 0203, MARS net with AAR9UC, no traffic, out; long pauses, other check-ins as “net list, no traffic, out“. AFA1MJ ditto. Marred by lite pulsing QRM at rate of 2 per second. Google search on AAR9UC leads to Arizona Army MARS,
yet the call does not appear on that page or their cached one. AFA1MJ is Marian Juskuv, an OM among the gallery on this page:

We`ve still got Air Force MARS and Army MARS, but Navy MARS has been decommissioned, so no more NNN-zeros. Alumni of Navy MARS may try to join AF or Army MARS, but they may be next, as outmoded and not really needed in this age. Exiting with them, an affordable source of surplus military radio equipment (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 12050, Nov 21 at 1929, no signal from WEWN, but good on 13830 and better on 15610 English; however, there is a JBA carrier on 12050. Aoki Shows Follow the Bible Ministries, via ASCENSION at 1900-1930, but on Sundays only and that is a holdover from A-15.

HFCC has 12050 registered for ASC daily at 1800-2100 by BaBcoCk in the “`Kau“ language, i.e. Radio Dandal Kura in Kanuri for Nigeria — but we know that has moved to 11830 (where I`ve yet to hear it: too much 11825 BS from WRMI). We may safely discount the other 12050 registration in HFCC, for RSOman! Maybe the JBA carrier on 12050 is just the exciter from WEWN? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9475, Nov 21 at 2203 tune-in, no signal from WTWW-1, but it cuts back on all too soon, with PPPP in regress (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 720, Nov 21 at 1915 UT on the NRD-545 and ALA-300 E/W, but not on the NVLW N-S, weak talk, presumably WGN again in the daytime. Soon I drive the car surrounding the Nissan radio out to the kite field away from powerlines (but not far enough away), owned by Hiram Champlin of KCRC, and do a MW bandscan, finding no WGN audible other than a SAH, which is 3-way, tantalizing, so traces of WGN, KSAH TX, and what else? Quite a stretch, but maybe KDWN NV, 50 kW rather than smaller FL, GA stations (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1660, Nov 21 at 1916 UT, half a sesquihour after local mean noon, some X-band talk stations are poorly audible as skywave tries to ignite, surely KWOD Kansas City KS; and on 1650, KYHN (a.k.a. KFSW) Sallisaw OK (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VATICAN [non]. 7425, Nov 22 at 0143, R. Martí on S4 Greenville mixing product, barely modulated compared to 7365 fundamental, but at least this one is not jammed. 7425 arises because another GB transmitter is already on 7305 with open carrier until Radio Vaticano opens in Spanish at 0145, violating Separation of Church and State; and then both audios are mixing on 7425 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** YEMEN [non]. 11860, Nov 21 at 1858, on the R-75 I`m looking for the clandestine R. Sana`a, as in previous report, but nothing here, while regular Sa`udi frequencies 11820 with Qur`an is fair, and 11915 very poor.

Or rather 11915.09, so same Riyadh transmitter 18+ UT as earlier off-frequency-hi from 21505, 13710? Yes, same parameters again, 18-23 UT, 500 kW at 295 degrees, antenna type 216.

By 1921 Nov 21, I`m checking the NRD-545, and now there is a JBA carrier on 11860, presumably Yemen [non] as nothing else scheduled; no better at 2121 check on the R-75, when others were definitely hearing it yesterday.

Today, Dave Kenny sums it up for the British DX Club yg:

“11860: Republic of Yemen Radio audible here with a weak but clear signal from s/on at 1800 UT. Currently with Holy Koran. Also heard here last night from tune-in at 2250 to sign-off at 2300 with the Yemen anthem. Noted several IDs (in Arabic) as Republic of Yemen Radio from Sanaa. 73s
Dave Kenny
Caversham Berks
Lowe HF225/25m long wire

Background on this transmission which has only recently appeared on SW in the past couple of days. This is from BDXC Middle East on Shortwave guide by Tony Rogers just updated at :

Republic of Yemen Radio – Radio Sana’a – Pro-Hadi

Chris Greenway reported via DXLD on 20 October [sic] 2015 the existence of a broadcast on shortwave in support of Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. President Hadi, who was deposed by Houthi rebels in 2014 and subsequently fled to Saudi Arabia in March 2015, recently returned to the southern city of Aden to reportedly supervise an offensive against rebels.

Tarek Zeidan reported an ID at 2000 UT on 20 October [sic] 2015 as “Huna Sana’a, idhaat aljumhuriya alyamaniya al bernamaj al a’am” (“This is Sana’a, Republic of Yemen Radio General Programme, with news about the return of the Yemeni president to Aden”). Tarek adds that according to some sources there are two transmissions, the first one from 0700 to 1200 and the second one from 2100 to 0200. Tarek checked the audio stream of Sana’a online and there was a different feed talking about the Saudi invasion of Yemen, so that was operated by the Houthi rebels supporting the former president of Yemen Ali Abdul Allah Saleh.

According to an online source, the pro-Hadi transmission on shortwave is from Aden, but based on the fact that Yemen is having problems with power and a lot of blackouts, leaving the greater part of Yemen without electricity, it must be coming from a nearby country, presumably Saudi Arabia.

Transmitter Site: believed to be in Saudi Arabia.
Times/UT                    Days Language Target kHz
0400-0900 (0700-1200 local) Daily Arabic Yemen 11860
1800-2300 (2100-0200 local) Daily Arabic Yemen 11860“

** ZANZIBAR. 11735, Nov 21 at 1926, very poor music, presumed ZBC. Haven`t heard it well in a long time, and in fact better on the morning frequency 6015 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1521, Nov 22 at 0118, 1-kHz het upon KOKC OKC during silly football game, presumably 2 megawatt BSKSA Duba (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5950, Nov 21 at 2207, fair signal with dead air: figure it`s WRMI preparing for Cuba, after DST not supposed to start until 2300; instead as per HFCC it may be VIRI in Bosnian via Sirjan until 2220 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 6925.0-USB, Nov 22 at 0132, bits of singing and laughing, seems like a broadcast in Southern Cone accented Spanish, so maybe the Chilean pirate RCW = Radio Compañía Worldwide? Was it active at this time? But then 2-way in Brazilian Portuguese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 26110, Nov 21 at 2211, seems to be an FM signal here, as I am getting acquainted with that mode on the R-75, no modulation, but not completely quieted. A good place to start with the known to be active KMK282 auxiliary of KOVR-TV “13“ Stockton-Sacramento CA, often reported by Harold Frodge in Michigan, tho mostly in the mornings, and with dead air during commercial breaks. I must check it again at night to rule out something local. No, nothing there at 0413 UT Nov 22, so KMK282 remains possible. Earlier there were also loads of W6s on 15m for some Sweepstakes contest, but not on 10m.

27270, Nov 21 at 2212, just missed a CBer apparently in FM mode. More 11m tuning in NBFM is called for (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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