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American Ambassadors of the Airwaves

Just released, the first region of our new American Ambassadors of the Airwaves series. Take a look this week!

These will look at the most important AM stations bringing American culture, music, sports, news and events to the world between 1941 and 1983…..based on the Class 1A 50,000 watt clear channel stations and other dominant stations from each region of the USA.

First up we bring you Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland with a touch of Detroit as we look at Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin…our unique list of 22 stations of importance…with images dating back to the 1930s from ephemera in our collections…all of these stations being heard across the Pacific in New Zealand.

Other regions are being researched for release in the coming months. We hope you enjoy this colorful and entertaining look at the American Ambassadors of the Airwaves. Share your own memories of these powerful signals with us too.

http://www.radioheritage/Story392.asp should take you to the Midwest East North Central region and while you’re there, look at our hundreds of other features including California, Texas, Hawaii, our long lost radio images, our radio station guides such as the Hawaii Radio Guide AM/FM and much more. We welcome your support in 2016 too.

Check us out today..and enjoy our free project hosted by the Radio Heritage Foundation

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