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ANZAC Day Memories 2016

Here in New Zealand we’re less than 24 hours from ANZAC Day, the day when jointly with our mates across the pond in Australia, we remember those who served in various conflicts around the world.

We’ve put together some radio memory features you might enjoy:

* looks at Diggers On Air, the stations run by the Australians in the South West Pacific and Japan in WWII and has many rare images
* was first released in 2007 to commemorate ANZAC Day and remains just as relevant 9 years later
* 197.asp is Fighting Voices from Downunder and covers conflicts in Korea, Malaya and Vietnam as well as those of WWII

The Radio Heritage Foundation also has rare stories and images of British forces radio in Japan, Dutch East Indies [mow Indonesia], Malaya [now Singapore and Malaysia] and Ceylon [now Sri Lanka] and US Armed Forces Radio throughout the Pacific, Japan, Alaska and found at

Come and visit us this weekend as we showcase our ANZAC stories and share these radio memories with you in memory of ANZAC Day April 25

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