sabato 23 Ottobre 2021
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WRMI plans for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma: Thank you to all of our listeners who have inquired about our hurricane plans. At the moment (early Wednesday local time), it appears that the eye of Hurricane Irma will come right over or very close to Okeechobee by Sunday or Monday. We will stay on the air as long as possible and as long as it’s safe. Our transmitter building is quite prepared to withstand most hurricanes, and our antennas have survived many hurricanes in the past with little damage. However, electrical power generally goes out during or after most strong hurricanes, and our generator will only power our lights, computers and air conditioning. Unfortunately we don’t have enough generator power to operate 14 x 100-kilowatt transmitters. So if the power goes out, we are off the air. We may have enough power to maintain one frequency on the air even during a power outage, and it looks like this will probably be 9455 kHz. At the moment, our Internet is down, but we hope it will be back up soon, although it could go out again later. We’ll keep you informed as best we can. Thanks again for your interest. (via BDXC-UK yg 1438 UT Sept 6 via DXLD)

Most WRMI frequencies were JBA or off(?) this morning during severe geomag storm of another kind (gh)

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