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Shortwave Radiogram, 9-10 Dec

Shortwave Radiogram for the weekend of 9-10 December will mostly be in our usual MFSK32. But there will be one news item in 8PSK-1000F.

The 8PSK-1000F mode is very fast (3000+ wpm) and normally would not be used on shortwave. But Shortwave Radiogram is not a normal radio program. The 8PSK-1000F will be transmitted in conjunction with Flamp, which will divide the news story into 10 blocks of 480 bytes each, then transmit the story four times. Any block without the correct number of characters will be filled in on subsequent passes.

This will will result in either a 100% decode or a spectacular failure. Either way, it will be entertaining.

The first opportunity to try this is Saturday at 1600 UTC on 9400 kHz via Bulgaria. This probably won’t be audible in North America, but North Americans can tune in via in the Netherlands. (A good way to use this receiver is to “max in” on the waterfall, then “zoom out” to taste. You can use AM, LSB, USB, or AMSync to decode.)

The Sunday 2330-2400 UTC transmission on 11580 kHz from WRMI Florida, lately not heard well in most of the world, will be in Olivia 64-2000, Olivia 32-1000, and Olivia 16-500.

Details and schedule:

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