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Shortwave Radiogram, 30-31 December 2017

Hello friends,
Apologies, especially to North Americans who were awake at an inconvenient hour, for the missing Shortwave Radiogram last Sunday at 0600 UTC on 7730 kHz. The legal difficulties of Brother Stair, a major WRMI client, caused a sudden reduction in the WRMI transmission schedule.
Jeff White at WRMI has kindly offered us Monday at 0800-0830 UTC on 7730 kHz and (for this weekend at least) 5850 kHz. This Monday is a holiday, but when Monday reverts to being a work day, North Americans might want to consider using Audacity’s timer record. Or just leave Fldigi running all night, then read the text and look at the images in the morning.
Please also note that The Mighty KBC is changing frequency this weekend to 6150 kHz for its North America broadcast, UTC Sunday at 0000-0200 UTC. The new frequency replaces 5960 kHz.
Last weekend’s holiday lights special produced some very nice decoded MFSK32 images from all parts of the world. See the examples above and at the bottom of this email. Additional images have been posted to @SWRadiogram, or . If you missed the broadcast, Scott in Ontario provided this video, suitable for your own decoding.
This weekend we will transmit images of Happy New Year in the fourteen languages of the Shortwave Radiogram listeners who are currently sending reception reports or reporting decodes to @SWRadiogram. Sorry if I missed anyone’s language. There will be four additional MFSK32 images, for a total of 18!
Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 28, 30-31 December 2017, all in MFSK32:
 1:32  Program preview
 2:34  New shortwave broadcast station in Australia*
 7:23  Radio Caroline returns to the airwaves*
12:28  Images of “Happy New Year” in 14 languages*
22:17  Closing announcements*
* with image(s)
Please send reception reports to
Twitter: @SWRadiogram
Shortwave Radiogram Program 28
(30-31 December 2017)
1600-1630 UTC
9400 kHz
Space Line, Bulgaria
2030-2100 UTC
11580 kHz
WRMI Florida
2330-2400 UTC
11580 kHz
WRMI Florida
0800-0830 UTC
7730 kHz
5850 kHz
WRMI Florida
Thanks for your reception reports!  
Kim Andrew Elliott, KD9XB
Producer and Presenter
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