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Stations heard in Lugo

TANZANIA, 11735, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation, Dole, 1750-1810, 14-01, Swahili, comments about soccer, English Premier League, mentioned Liverpool vs Manchester City, at 1800 time signals, English, news, “it’s nine o’clock, the news from Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation”, “The main points again”, 1809: “This is the end of the news from Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporatino, thank you for listening”, Swahili comments.44444.

USA, 9265, Atlantic 2000 International via WINB, Red Lion, *2100-2115, 14-01, tuning music, id. in English “Your are listening to Atlantic 2000 International”, id. in various languages, French, id. pop songs, comments. 24322.

ZAMBIA, 5915, Zambia Radio NBC Radio 1, Lusaka, 2020-2035, 14-01, Vernacular comments, African songs. 14321.

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain