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Results of a monitoring project on Radio Pakistan (February 2018)

1. provides links to 10 audio streams, but these are only active when the respective stations are active. This may result in many hours of silence during the day on a particular channel.

For former short wave listeners of Radio Pakistan, two streams are of special interest: “World Service” and “External Service”. During the monitoring project the channel monitored was left running even when there was no programme feed.

2. The audio on the World Service and External Service channels is now very good. [!!] The worn out recordings of the interval signal and the national anthem are still used.

3. I was unable to establish full schedules. At least on the monitoring days, both international channels did not always match the former short wave schedule and the internet schedule I monitored in April 2017. The sign on/off-times trail by minutes behind UT. The remarkable time delay can also be heard when Home Service news are relayed by the World Service.

Rewording a suggestion of April 2017
4. The “4 pm news in English” at 1100 h UT following the Urdu World Service programme were reconfirmed during the monitoring. The World Radio TV Handbook 2018 mentions Home Service news bulletins in English at 0300, 0800, 1100, 1300, 1600 and 1700 h UT. It is easy to see that for the benefit of international listeners some English news could easily be embedded in a musical interlude between the Urdu World Service programmes (Dr Hansjoerg Biener, 17 February 2018, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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