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WWRB pitch

Greetings!! We are pleased to alert the listeners of shortwave radio that Radio Muna[n]si will return on WWRB weekends on 15.240 MHz, power will be 100 kW, during the daytime in the afternoon, Eastern time, exact times to be determined.

WWRB has open airtime slots at 100,000 watts for $25.00 per hour with a signal that can be listened to at 3.215 and 3.185 MHz. WELL established frequencies!!!!!!

Lease a whole transmitter on 9.370 MHz all day long if you like. WE are building a new programming lineup on the weekends and will expand to Monday as necessary.

We are inviting broadcasters that want to be listened to with a good FULL AM signal with compelling programming, NOT signals down in the mud with poor propagation — taxing the listeners! PLUS your programming will be carried on the internet!

We ARE NOT interested in gold dealers, or save America, or PAY-triot programming. Just great music and interesting programming worth listening to of various topics. All religions welcomed to share your viewpoint! So people can understand each other; not what they are told on agenda-driven main-stream media.

We broadcast to: Canada, the USA, Cuba, Bahamas, all of North and and South America. Our antennas are 200 foot high FULL SIZED Rhombic antennas. Not hung on telephone poles, but full sized steel towers.

Visit WWRB at: for details. Send us an E mail via the WWRB web page for questions and comments!! (Dave Frantz, Feb 18, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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