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New Zealand Radio DX League special LLE-3B transmission

To mark the 70th birthday of the New Zealand Radio DX League our “big” Shortwave station LLE-3B 5895 kHz will be on the air today with the Rockwell Collins 80 1kW transmitter with the Bergen Kringkaster programme and a special NZRDXL insert. The test is going out tonight Saturday 7 April at 1800-1900 UTC(which equals Norway summer time(and cet) 2000-2100). Normally 5895 is used 1400-2205 UTC for Radio Northern Star from LLE-3 which presently comes from a Yaesu FT-950 50 watt USB transmitter.

The transmitter site also houses 1611 kHz LLE-4 Radio Northern Star/VFG(24/7) and 1314 kHz LLE-2 Bergen Kringkaster Sun 0900-1300 UTC and every day 1900-2100 UTC.

Reports on either station to: report at or 1000 at

The test is conducted by our CE LA7CFA Øystein Ask.

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