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Radio Veritas Asia closing

** PHILIPPINES. “Radio Veritas Asia Philippines closing“

That`s one of the topix on the AWR Wavescan rundown for #480 from May 6, during another HFCC Kuala Lumpur discussion.

There is nothing to be found on the RVA website about its closing:

So I listen to this week`s WS. Segment recorded at KL in January: Jeff White says “breaking news“, about RVA. He visited studios & offices in Quezon City several years ago. They had lots of studios and languages. But as of June 30, 2018, RVA is going off the air from SW. All languages, per Ludo Maes, BRB, and the RVA frequency manager. Going internet only. Despite not so much internet access in rural Philippines, Asia. Maybe a financial thing? Internet is cheap compared to SW, and internet “stations“ are easy to set up.

Nevertheless, all PUG registrations in HFCC A-18 claim they are valid till the end of the season, 28 October! Here`s the schedule for what we now know to be its final sesquimonth:
(Glenn Hauser, May 11, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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