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Unid Egyptian music station on shortwave… since 2014

Greetings Glenn, I am qsr711 (also known as Quim S.), and I have read your latest DX Listening Digest, corresponding to July 31st, 2018, and it brought my attention the unidentified Egyptian station that some DXers reported. I have some information from these broadcasts that might be of great use.

I recovered this information by myself while monitoring a number station from Egypt, and I also found it strange when I first saw these broadcasts, so I decided to keep an eye on them as well. After some years of monitoring, I came into the following conclusions:

-The unidentified Arabic music station has been around since at least 2014.
-The station uses the frequencies of 9400, 9550 and 9600 kHz.
-Transmissions take place every day in the morning, usually between 0900 and 1300 UT. Sometimes more than one is sent. However, I haven’t seen more than one frequency active at once.
-Transmissions last 15 minutes (excluding test tones).
-The aired content is only Arabic music, the same track played in a loop throughout the broadcast. Some music tracks I identified are from artists like Oum Kulthum, Omar Khairat, and other Egyptian singers. Songs are often reused.
-Unlike Radio Cairo, these transmissions have very good modulation, and they use low power (I use kiwiSDR remote receivers in Greece to listen to it, and the signal is between S5 and S9). I have seen some Radio Cairo transmitters randomly turning on in the 31m band in the morning as well (carrier only, and using a random Radio Cairo assigned frequency), and these are way stronger than this station.

I hope this helps in resolving the source of this station. I would provide more information using the kiwiSDR TDoA extension to track the origin of the signal, and even some recordings I have, but I am away from the computer until late August and I can’t make these on the mobile phone I’m using. Best wishes, (qsr711 (aka Quim S.), August 4, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Perhaps a separate site in Cairo area of the army/military, known to utility DXers? But again, we have no hard evidence it is even in Egypt (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

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