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‘Wolfgang Bueschel log 31, 25, 22, and 19 mb 2100-2230 UT, Oct 15, in NJ / NY US state remote sites

log 31, 25, 22, and 19 mb 2100-2230 UT, Oct 15

I don’t know what happened tonight Oct 15 to the RRI Galbeni English
transmission outlet from Romania on
9760 kHz at 310degr requested.
Checked in NJ, NY-USA states, on remote SDR units in Belgium and Italy…

Signal was much weaker (!),
than S=9+30dB powerhouses of Voice of Greece Avlis 9420.004 kHz,
and 9830.021 kHz out of TRT Emirler Turkey at 2200 to 2220 UT.

Even the Ascension relays of BBC 12095, 9410 kHz, 9530 kHz Akhbar Mufrika,
BSKSA Riyadh diverse on 11820.045, 11914.990, 9555even, and 9870.010 kHz,

and some CRI Kashgar outlets from western China in Portuguese, Spanish,
as well as Kashgar jamming against TWN on 9900 kHz also,
were much, much louder in power.

ps. recently during summer 2018
they repaired some gear in Tiganesti and Galbeni shortwave sites.

15555.025 USA exact measured first peak visible of USB mode signal of
WJHR Radio International from Milton FL-USA.
Religious program content sound strange for European ears,
like “…your body, … your pain … gone to the devil …”
Male pastor sermon, in speedy machine gun spoken format.
S=9+10dB in NJ-US SDR unit, at 2106 UT on Oct 15.

15520even ESP “Disco de Hoy…” Hard rock music played REE Noblejas,
Spanish anncmt, S=8-9 at 2112 UT on Oct 15.

13817.4 – 13822.6 kHz and
13601.9 – 13607.5 kHz UNIDENTIFIED scratching noise signals, S=7-8.
{CUBA. 13630 & 13770 kHz approx., on Oct 15 at 1348 UT, FM spurs out
of RHC 13700-AM, barely detectable with tell-tale F# tone but
no readable modulation; even less so around 13773, 13763, 13637,
13623, 13555 kHz, so the main peaks are plus and minus 70 kHz,
but now also elsewhere in between. Need to tighten them up!
Something’s always wrong at RHC …
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Oct 15) }

13844.991 USA WWWCR Nashville TN mx program, S=5 poor signal in NJ-US
at 2118 UT. Fluttery short skip signal, station ID at 2120 UT.

13680even J__ NHK Radio Japan Tokyo from Yamata site, S=7 noisy signal
S=7 at 2121 UT.

13670even USA VoA Greenville, probably Bambara language Mon-Fri,
scheduled start at 2130 UT. But TX already on air at 2121 UT.

11610even MDG WCB MWV station, Mahajanga, Madagascar, Chinese lang sce
but interspersed by short English phrases, like lessons program
S=8-9 signal into NJ-US remote unit, at 2125 UT on Oct 15.

11635even CUB strong powerhouse S=9+30dB carrier ONLY, seemingly from
Cuban Bejucal transmission center site, 2127 UT on Oct 15.

11760even CUB RHC Bauta site, Spanish to Latin AM and Caribbean sce,
S=9+20dB signal at 2138 UT.

11780.008 BRA RNacional Brasilia, Portuguese phone-in program from
Mato Grosso, 2129 UT, S=9+5dB in NJ and NY sites.

11810even U.K. BBC Woofferton, English short nx at 2130-2132 UT,
S=7-8 strength, fluttery.

11820.045 ARS BSKSA Riyadh, HQ prayer in progress, S=8 at 2134 UT
and accompanied symmetrical spur signals on
11816.220 and 11828.874 kHz peaks visible.

11815.019 BRA ZYE440 R Brasil Central Goiania GO, S=5 threshold, 2137 UT

11830even BRA? Probably? ZYE441 R Daqui Goiania GO, S=3 under threshold.
or an vagabunding UNID spur signal ?

11840even CUB RHC Quivican San Felipe TITAN txion center signal,
Spanish “Amigos de Onda Corta” program at 2140, also letterbox
at 2147 UT. S=9+15dB signal, played Peruvian Andes flute mx.

11860even CUB RHC Bauta, \\ 11840 program, S=9+10dB in NJ-US 2142 UT

11914.990 ARS BSKSA Riyadh, HQ prayer \\ 11820 kHz, poor S=5 strength,
noted at 2143 UT, but suffer by adjacent
11920.7 to 11939.6 kHz strong Cuban scratching sound jamming on
US BBG Radio Marti channel 11925 kHz, at 2145 UT on Oct 15,
S=9+10dB broadband block.

12000even CUB RHC Bauta in Spanish, letterbox program, mentioned listener
in Peru and Mexico, (!) 38 kHz wideband signal, S=9+25dB signal
strength at 2147 UT in NJ/NY US states.

12095even ASC BBC London English sce via Atlantic relay site,
Mon-Fri 21-22 UT, S=8 fluttery signal at 2149 UT. \\ 9410 kHz.

9265even USA WINB in English, AM mode not DRM, 2151 UT Oct 15, S=7

9330.095 USA WBCQ English, small narrow audio mode signal, S=9+10dB at
2154 UT, “… soldiers killed … sun eclipse report …”

9350even USA WWCR Nashville TN, English, excellent audio quality,
male voice sermon “…desire for God….” 12 kHz wide audio
block at S=9+25dB at 2156 UT on Oct 15.

9395even USA WRMI Okeechobee FL, hard rock pop mx program at 2158 UT,
S=9+25dB strength in NJ/NY, 11 kHz wideband audio signal.

9410even ASC BBC London via Atlantic Ocean relay, at 2159 UT, Mon-Fri
only. S=8-9 signal fluttery. Close-down already at 21.59:25 UT
sharp, 10 seconds later CRI Kashgar western China signal of
CRI Portuguese service appeared co-channel.

9420.004 GRC Voice of Greece Avlis, surprisingly strong S=9+30dB powerful
sw service heard at 2202 UT, female voice program presenter
noted, followed by 11 kHz wideband transmission of Giacomo
Puccini’s “Madame Butterfly” opera singer at 2203-2205 UT.

9474.978 USA WTWW Lebanon TN, En talk, guitar mx interspersed, at
2205 UT Oct 15, S=9+30dB strong, Bible read pastor,
“.. your land, your land of USA… Gospel to the World program,
now Dr. Peters start …” at 2206 UT.

9530even ASC HCJB(?) Radio Akhbar Mufrika to WeCeAfrica mentioned
in Aoki Nagoya list at 2208 UT S=8 sidelobe signal noted.

9535.002 CUB RHC Bejucal site, unstable fq moves up and down 2-3 Hertz,
Spanish program at 2209 UT, S=9+10dB in NJ/NY US state site.

9555even ARS BSKSA 1st Arabic sce, modern Arabic mx selection program,
at 2210 UT, S=9+5dB.

9565 kHz ??? 6 kHz wideband NOISE scratching jammer, some weak Marti px
from IBB BBG Greenville NC underneath too. S=9+10dB at 2212 UT.

9630.522 BRA Much odd fq of ZYE954 R. Aparecida, Aparecida SP, BrasPort,
S=7 fluttery, at 2214 UT.

9650even GUI Radio Guinea, Conakry, weak S=5 just above threshold,
noted at 2217 UT, but muffled audio, I couldn’t trace even
exact language French or Vernacular instead ? ….

9664.826 BRA Probably ZYE890 Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC
BrasPort poor S=6-7 at 2219 UT Oct 15.

9760even ROU RRI Galbeni in English, poor S=6 signal, compared to
S=9+30dB powerhouses of Voice of Greece Avlis 9420.004 kHz,
or 9830.021 kHz out of TRT Emirler Turkey at 2200 to 2220 UT.

9830.021 TUR TRT Emirler, Turk modern pop singer program, guitar solo,
S=9+30dB at 2213 UT. Broad 11.5 kHz wide signal.

9870.010 ARS BSKSA Riyadh 1st Ar program, seemingly political speech
to the spectator crowd at 2215 UT on Oct 15. S=9+5dB in NJ/NY.

9900even CHN Seemingly Chinese spoken jammer px heard from Kashgar
western China relay site, AGAINST underneath
9900even TWN R TWN Chinese, S=7-8 in NJ/NY remote SDR unit, 2220 UT,
but S=9+25dB in Europe, like SDR at Belgium, Italy, Germany.

9955even USA WRMI Okeechobee FL, WAVESCAN DX program heard at 2228 UT
ID, AWR QSL address in Maryland, S=9+15dB. End 22.29:00 UT.

vy73 wb df5sx

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 15)

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