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Short morning log Nov 9th, in Germany, Belgium and Doha Qatar remotes

4949.741 AGL tentat. R Nacional Mulenvos, tiny string at 0500 UT
4774.772 SWZ TWR Africa Manzini, English, religious chorus at 0505 UT,
scheduled 05-07 UT, noisy static fluttery S=6 signal.
4839.997 USA WWCR TN Phone-in program talk, on President, Democrats,
election, Senators, etc. etc.
At 0514 UT S=9+5dB here in southern Germany.
4861.787 UNID, seems rather UTE stn, S=5 fluttery at 0516 UT Nov 9.
4885.024 BRA The usual powerhouse, strongest Brazilian stn in 60 mb.
S=9+5dB in peaks at 0519 UT, nice music program.
4904.987 UNID maybe Brazilian R Relogio (?), fluttery S=4-5
under threshold level.
4959.9975 STP VOA Sao Tome, S=7-8 much fluttery signal at 0522 UT.
4974.902 UNID low modulated signal string at 0523 UT.
4985.010 BRA Brasil Central Goiania, totally covered by RTTY UTE
here in Germany SDR. 850 Hertz apart distance of high speed
RTTY on center 4984.575 and 4985.425 kHz measured.
5005 some 1-2 Hertz on upper side flank measured,
GNE R Guinea Ecuatorial, Bata in Spanish language,
poor S=5 signal here in Germany. 0525 UT Nov 9.
5085even USA WTWW US stn, light singer + orchestra music, S=8+
3215even USA WWCR Nashville TN, totally covered by high speed RTTY
800 Hertz distance apart signals
on centered 3214.600 and 3215.400 kHz at 0540 UT.
3185even USA Totally covered by high speed UTE. Maybe carrier
of WWRB (?) scheduled earlier on night ?
UTE centered at 3184.750 and 3185.250 kHz, 500 Hertz apart.
3330even CAN CHU Ottawa time signal in En/Fr language S=8-9 here in
Germany at 0546 UT.
7450even F__ NHK Radio Japan Tokyo via TDF Issoudun relay 0530-06 UT
at 0552 UT Nov 9, French language female presenter,
S=9 signal strength here in southern Germany

Both Asmara Eritrea TX again on air, but lowered their power to 5 – 10kW?
tiny strings of a Horn of Africa program on
7140.020 kHz and
7180.020 kHz. Tiny S=4-5 signals compared to neighbour
7205even SDN R Omdurman, Sudanese Arabic female presenter,
S=9+5dB in Doha Qatar remote SDR unit,
out of Sudanese 100 kW TX power at 0553 UT.

7315even D__ Dandal Kura International, ‘Salam’ mentioned in ‘Kan’
MBR Nauen Germany relay site. S=9+20dB powerhouse at 0554 UT.

7335even F__ Radio Nigeria Kaduna Hausa language sce via TDF Issoudun
bcast center. S=9 at 0555 UT. Male voice program,
but hefty suffered by powerful splatter of near-by BBCWS Woofferton UK
signal on
7345even, latter S=9+20dB strength.

7390even F__ RFI Paris French sce, S=9+20dB at 0558 UT, scheduled 05-06 UT
11.8 kHz wide audio block visible.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 9)

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