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Monitoring Indonesia no longer available

Sorry to report that as of Nov 4, Atsunori Ishida’s website (former is no longer available. Since mid-December last year,he has been inactive. A great loss! Had been a wonderful resource for the history of what Indonesian stations were currently being heard and also for reporting on the date last heard, along with some interesting audio clips. His site had been a boon to us interested in SW stations in that country, even though there are pitifully few of them on the air today. Believe currently that RRI Ternate (3344.86 kHz.) is the most regularly heard (seems daily), while Pro 1 RRI Nabire (7289.92 kHz.) is indeed often heard, but certainly not daily.

Then there is also the Voice of Indonesia, now heard via RRI Palangkaraya (3325 kHz.), with their various segments in different languages, but at times with erratic broadcasting. Nov 3, at 1116 & 1150 and Nov 4, at 1206 & 1219, noted VOI definitely off the air at these times.

It should be noted that Alan Davies, still maintains his website – , but the emphasis is on AM & FM stations. (Ron Howard via WOR io group)


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