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News from Japan

JAPAN Special shortwave transmission of NHK World Japan to India According to Mr.Tohru Yamashita of Asian Broadcasting Institute, there will be the special shortwave transmission of NHK World Japan to India on December 7 at 0330-0500 UT on 13780 kHz, in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu.

The special transmission forms a part of Japan–India friendship campaign called “Influential India”, and will be on air also on NHK World TV (0400-0430 only), and on Internet. NHK will issue a special QSL card for the reception report of this special transmission. Reception on NHK World TV or on internet is also accepted.

The mailing address is: India Special Reception Report, NHK World Japan, 150-8001 Japan.
This time QSL will be issued also to the domestic listeners in Japan.
(Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan)

Aiwa put new shortwave portables on Japanese market.

Aiwa Co. Ltd., Japan put new shortwave portable receivers – “World Band Radio Monaural” AR-MD20 (price 9,690 yen) and “World Band Radio Stereo” AR-MDS25 (Price 14,900 yen) – on Japanese market in November.

It seems AR-MD20 is the OEM of Tecsun PL-310ET, AR-MDS25 is that of Tecsun PL-398MP.

Aiwa Co. Ltd was once a sabsidiary of SONY, but was dissolved in 2002.

Towada Audio Co. Ltd (in Akita prefecture), which was a subcontractor in production works of SONY world band receivers such as ICF-7600GR, acquired the “Aiwa” trademark and set up the new subsidiary company of the same name in Japan in 2015. (Takahito Akabayashi, Tokyo, Japan via wolfie df5sx)

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