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KTWR special Christmas DRM broadcasts

The staff at KTWR wanted to give listeners with DRM receivers a Christmas gift this year. I have attached the schedule for our 2018 Christmas DRM broadcasts. We will be doing stereo mode B 64 QAM to Japan and ANZ/SP and mono mode A 16QAM to India. The latter set-up seems to be the best way to get decent audio and reliable decoding with the poor propagation we have this time of year. Japan and ANZ should get a very strong signal. (When we ran regular DRM broadcasts to Japan, we only used 32kW.)

Have a great time enjoying this year’s celebration of Jesus’ earthly birthday.

15.12.2018 1100-1130 9910 50kW
16.12.2018 1245-1315 7500 50kW
22.12.2018 1100-1130 9910 50kW
23.12.2018 1245-1315 7500 50kW

English SAs
24.12.2018 1245-1315 9380 75kW
25.12.2018 1245-1315 9380 75kW

English Aus/NZ 24.12.2018 1030-1100 11995 50kW
25.12.2018 1030-1100 11995 50kW”

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