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Radio Habana Cuba

CUBA   Bauta was 15139.818 kHz on Jan 9,
15139.808 kHz on Jan 10,
same time 15239 kHz from Russian made Quivican TITAN site
is more or less even 15230 kHz towards Brazil, Argentina, PRG, URG.

RHC Bauta Cuba TX wandered down 50 – 100 Hertz
during scheduled 2 hours 12-14 … or so …

Is always same, either Bauta CUB, Emirler TUR, Bishkek KGZ,
Yangi Yul TJK, or  Al Dhabbaya-UAE relays:

one SINGLE tx out of four or five available
at the broadcast center installation are

odd frequency -/+ 10  up to  800 Hertz minus/plus …

The remaining TX units at the bc centers
are more or less even or only 2, 3, 5 or 8 Hertz ODDLY on air.

(Wolfgang Bueschel)

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